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J Craft Torpedo hits the spot

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The tagline for J Craft is “grace redefined” and it’s evidently very fitting. This luxury powerboat manufacturer from Sweden creates a stunning range of Torpedo boats that capture the glamour and the elegance of the Riviera’s heyday.

Sweden boasts a rich seafaring heritage and its harsh climate and unique geography have spawned the creation of a succession of robust yachts. It is here that J Craft builds their Torpedo on the island of Gotland, in the middle of the Baltic Sea, the generations-long home of the Swedish boat industry from Viking longboats to modern luxury cruisers.

The 42ft Torpedo works nicely as a classy tender or a stand-alone boat and its twin Volvo Penta pod-mounted engines deliver incredible power and maneuverability taking her up to 50 knots. But the Torpedo’s looks will turn heads even before the throttle is opened.

Utterly distinctive in the marketplace, each Torpedo is a precious work of art. Entirely hand built with more than 4,000 man hours going into each boat, the small J Craft team is quality driven and anything less than perfect simply won’t be good enough. It’s all about the detail, the touch of the leather, the weight of a switch or the action of a hinge – simple, almost imperceptible, but subliminally adding to the Torpedo ownership experience. The beautiful eco-friendly mahogany deck is lacquered and varnished 18 times for a peerless glossy finish as well as incredible strength and durability. This means that the Torpedo can withstand even the harshest elements whilst still retaining film star good looks.

The J Craft hull is available in one standard and 13 optional finishes – imagine colours such as midnight blue, vanilla, lemon and aquamarine – or indeed the design team is open to suggestion for more personalized paints. The interior is infinitely tailorable from single colours to multiple combinations and even a choice of stitching.

When asked the question “If the J Craft Torpedo were a car, which make and model would it be?” J Craft’s Chief Executive Officer Johan Attvik simply replied “It would be the Bentley of the seas”.

The 42ft Torpedo sleeps four plus one crew and prices start from 850,000 euros.

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