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Vital Christmas Style

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Christmas is a time for many things, family, friends, presents, shopping and looking hotter than the mulled wine at parties.

This festive season Style and the Marina will help you shine and dazzle even more than a Harrods Christmas window.

Grandma was wrong, you cannot catch a cold from wearing too little clothing, but you can catch bizarre looks from strangers, so wrap up this winter when outdoors on the party trail. Once indoors, reveal your amazing Christmas outfit and simply absorb the compliments.

The number one rule for the work event is ooze sophistication; do this easily by selecting something black, every girl has her LBD but this is not the place for that little nimber..

Teaming knee length with sleeveless and full length with strapless is a safe rule. Save the sexy LBD for your partner or better still his work party!

For all other soirees, wear fabulous fabrics like satin and silks and strong colours such as, deep burgundy and emerald green.

Choose glamorous sequined dresses but avoid all over multi-coloured, keep it elegant and not akin to a Christmas tree.

Donning a tailored tuxedo a lá Victoria Beckham or Rihanna, will give you a metrosexual look, that done right looks ever so sexy.

Boots and in particular knee length boots look great with mini-dresses. Shoes and sandals work best with knee length or longer outfits.

While selecting your boots or shoes, “Think the higher the heel the higher the sex appeal!”.

Accessories will transform any ensemble, none more so than hair adornments for instance alice bands fixed with colourful feathers or diamanté’s or combs with sparkly flowers or glitter that add instant girlie glam to any hairstyle.

Christmas is a time for bling, but do not overdo it, adorn yourself in real diamonds or gems if you have them, if not imitation works just as well.

If you wear a big ring, match it with a big necklace or earrings. Too much bling is tacky so  avoid unless you are attending the Oscars draped in Harry Winston.

Choose bracelets to suit your wrist size; large bracelets appear lost on slim arms and vice-versa.

Top tip, festive season or not, the number one look to avoid for either sex is being drunk. It is not attractive and you do not look as hot, as you think you do!

Radiate delectability, drink sensibly, eat “soakage” food and have a fantastic time this party season.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, see you in 2012.

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