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Boys and Toys and a Can-Doo Attitude

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Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) sounds like a dream company to work for – especially if you’re a boy who likes his toys.  Founded in Canada back in 1942, they dedicate their time to finding new and better ways for people to have fun on the snow, in the sea, on- and off-road and in the air.  Today their portfolio includes iconic brands such as Ski-Doo, Sea-Doo and Can-Am and 2012 is set to be a vintage year for their power-sports enthusiasts.

Up first is the Can-Am Spyder RT Roadster.  New for 2012, this three-wheeled contraption (two front, single rear) is a descendant of the first Can-Am roadster which came to market in 2007 amongst scratching heads and odd glances.  Five years and several thousand units sold later, the Can-Am roadster is now credited with shaking up the motorcycling world with its aggressive styling and completely unique driving experience.

Purpose built for the extended road trip, the Can-Am Spyder RT Roadster combines the open air freedom of a motorcycle with the comfort and stability of a luxury car.  A bicycle built for two, the vehicle has upright body positioning, power steering, cruise control, 155 litres of onboard storage, an adjustable electric windscreen, heated grips and much more.  The 998cc Rotax V-Twin engine (another BRP brand) has great torque and performance even with a passenger – or indeed a trailer.  A traditional five-speed gearbox (including reverse) comes as standard whilst electronic transmission is also an option.  Further add-ons include such items as a sound system with iPod compatibility, AM/FM and satellite radio, GPS navigation and LED lighting.

Moving from road to water, Sea-Doo is the brand of choice for watercraft enthusiasts all over the world.  Amongst the cleanest and quietest on the waves, Sea-Doo have been around since the 1980s and have come a long way to arrive at the latest version for 2012 – the Musclecraft RXP-X 269 RS.

Another bicycle built for two, albeit for water not tarmac, this new model tops the charts for both performance and looks.  Visually the RXP-X 269 RS has large side grills; ram intakes and BRP’s ErgoLock system which adopts angled foot well wedges, adjustable handlebars and a gradually narrowing seat design to help the rider truly connect to the watercraft.  With ErgoLock upper body fatigue is minimized allowing faster riding for longer periods and tighter turning with faster entry and exit speeds.  Sea-Doo claims it has “the best performance and manoeuvrability in the market” and, at 18,599 euros a pop, you’d hope so.

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