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A Fantasy Island that offers guests real solutions

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They brought us the four-legged floating illusory “Utopia” and now Southampton-based design consultancy BMT Nigel Gee has teamed up with Transport Design graduate Henry Ward to create the “Recreational Island”.  After all, every man needs an island.

At first glance this may sound like some pie in the sea folly for the super rich and super ostentatious but the Recreational Island actually has some rather sensible and ingenious uses.  Measuring 10 metres by 8 metres when deployed, the concept is a floating platform that can be used for leisure, dining, relaxing and even as a portable helipad.

Perhaps your guests want to ease into a beautiful shallow bay for a spot of champagne and snorkelling.  Trouble is no thousand tonne yacht is going to have a hope in ‘hull’ of manoeuvring in those depths and lazing on a tender is hardly luxurious or capacious.  Bring out the Recreational Island and hey presto – problem solved.  Similarly if space on deck gets a little tight with a cocktail party in full swing, the Island can act as a stern extension to the existing transom platform – dance floor anyone?

The helipad consideration is inspired as, whilst many superyacht owners regularly use a chopper, a landing platform takes up plenty of space on deck.  The Recreational Island enables you to free-up all of the deck area for lounging and dining whilst the helicopter touches down safely on its own portable pad.

After use, the Island can be collapsed down and stowed away in the tender garage.  Standard overhead tender cranes can take the strain of lifting and lowering whilst the tender itself will provide the muscle to tow it into position.  No specialist rocket scientist knowledge or extra equipment required.

Part of Henry Ward’s final year degree project, the Recreational Island has positively raised many eyebrows and BMT Nigel Gee was more than happy to undertake the technical studies required to assess its feasibility and tweak the engineering side of the design, “This project is a perfect match for BMT Nigel Gee”, comments Yacht Design Director James Roy.  “We recognise that creativity drives innovation and it is encouraging to see young designers such as Henry initiating ideas such as the Recreational Island.  We are strong believers in recognising that the creation and development of new ideas is best accomplished in a collaborative manner – bringing together unique capabilities to achieve the optimum result.”

There is talk of applying the Recreational Island concept to the hotel industry, the military and events such as a platform for the judging panel in water-based competitions.  Henry Ward added, “We see many potential applications and whilst we continue to technically develop the design further, we are actively seeking a manufacturer who is interested in investing in the development of the product and bringing it to market.”

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