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Cool Green Flying Machines

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Described as a “French company with international ambitions”, LISA Airplanes is a light aircraft manufacturer who is currently hitting the headlines with “AKOYA”.  First taking to the skies for a test flight in 2007, this groundbreaking two-seater plane has “superyacht accessory” written all over it and the Alps-based business is busy keeping up with orders.

AKOYA’s big boast is that she is the only modern aircraft to be able to land on water, snow and land without any prior modifications.  Her Seafoils™ come into play for aquatic landings, the retractable Skis-in™  landing gear sets her down safely in snow and the wings neatly fold up so AKOYA can be tucked into a garage or onboard a yacht.  LISA has literally thought of everything.

In opting for an “ultralight” classification, AKOYA is also able to deliver maximum energy savings without compromising on comfort, performance and stunning design.  Entirely made of composite materials and metallic alloys used in aeronautics, she has superior aerodynamic efficiency and low drag which delivers an incredibly low fuel consumption of 36mpg at cruising speed.  Her maximum speed is 155mph and AKOYA has a generous range of up to 1,000 miles which makes it rather practical for more than just short hops.  AKOYA also has a built-in parachute to take you softly and safely to the ground in the event of any mishap.

Hot on the heels of AKOYA, LISA Airplanes is also in the final development stages of Hy-Bird.  With a similar fuselage to her predecessor, Hy-Bird will have wings adapted to be fitted with photovoltaic cells and use only renewable energies to fly.  A hydrogen cell will fuel the aircraft during cruising whilst solar power will supply the necessary energy to get Hy-Bird off the ground for takeoff and climb.  She will be silent, effective and make the noise and air pollution of a conventional aircraft a thing of the past.

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