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Eco Sea Slide Sales reach 100

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Ok so you might be a gazillionaire and swank around on a fancy megayacht, but that doesn’t mean you haven’t got an inner child just begging to be let out.  Particularly if the yacht is made available for private charter, the conversation rarely dwells on the number of cabins and crew onboard but instead immediately switches to “so what toys has it got?”  In this department, Eco Yacht Toys has got it sewn up.

Billing it as the “must have yacht toy of 2012”, the Freestyle Cruiser™ Water Slide is Eco Yacht Toys’ biggest seller and Managing Director, Sean White, explains why.  “Every toy has its fashionable moment and whilst the waverunner, SeaBob and Stand-Up-Paddle board have all been popular in the noughties, The Freestyle Cruiser™ Water Slide is the latest toy that tells everyone where the party is at.  Offering immense appeal to both owners and charter guests, Captains tell us that the slide has become so popular that it’s the first thing people ask about when they jump onboard.  More than 100 megayachts have commissioned the slide so far and the orders just keep on coming.”

Conceived in the United States (no surprise there) the Freestyle Cruiser™ Water Slide is the world’s first custom-made sealed-air inflatable water slide made especially for the yachting industry.  Each is fitted perfectly to the yacht for which it was intended, there is no off-the-shelf-one-size-fits-all approach, and all designs meet or exceed US, European and Australian standards for inflatable structures.

Slides can measure anything from 2.5 metres up to 12 metres in height and will always be the fastest and most fun way to get from top deck to sea.  Eco Yacht Toys will jet a specialist off to see your yacht and measure her up for size, design, fitment and storage whilst colour choices are endless – you can even customize your ship’s name or logo onto the side, how very grown up.

Aside from the Freestyle Cruiser™ Water Slide, Eco Yacht Toys has a collection of the practical, weird and wonderful ready to fill up your yacht garage.  From electric portable bicycles to complete kite-surfing kits, their high-end toys are chosen for their minimal environmental impact on the ocean and maximum fun factor.  Whilst Eco Yacht Toys loves the sport and thrill of a fast engine, it always looks for petrol alternatives to help reduce your carbon footprint, and your conscience, for the good of all.

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