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Bring Your Own… Pool

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Once again some wise inventor has come up with a solution to an “upper class problem”.  It’s all very well having your superyacht parked in the Mediterranean but sometimes the sea just isn’t good enough.  What if there’s slimy seaweed curling around your toes or a jellyfish sauntering in your direction?  “Critter Free Pool” to the rescue.

Sean White, Managing Director of Eco Yacht Toys, comments, “Joking aside, the swimming arrangements can cause some headaches on board a superyacht.  Whilst many have Spas and pools on deck, they’re often too small for a decent workout.  Meanwhile an ocean criss-crossed by jetskis and harbouring all sorts of sea life doesn’t always appeal – not to mention the risk of strong undercurrents.  The Critter Free Pool creates a safe haven, a controlled area large enough for family and friends to enjoy a trouble-free swim.”

Made from super strong 20cm thick Drop Stitch material, the Critter Free Pool is highly durable whilst also being customisable to fit the yacht owner’s needs.  The 5mm fine mesh netting stops anything unwelcome floating in with sea weights in place to prevent the netting drifting off in the current.

Included as standard with every Critter Free Pool purchase is an electric pump, storage / carry bag, set of eight sea weights, pressure gauge, repair kit and the all important instruction manual.  Standard sizes are five metres by five metres and five metres by seven metres although custom sizes can be made to order.  Likewise, if you want to coordinate your pool with your yacht (who wouldn’t?) different colours and logo printing are available on request.

Prices start from 9,995 US dollars (approx 6,360 GBP) for the smaller pool – contact

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