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No Go for Tredalo

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All-round tough guy and challenge addict, Chris Todd, has had to abandon an epic “walk” across the Irish Sea in a unique human-powered craft which bears an uncanny resemblance to a hamster wheel.  Larger than forecast waves took their toll on the “Tredalo” and the safety boat had to ship a despondent Chris home.

Chris says, “Sadly, I didn’t make it to Ireland - but this was not for any lack of trying.  I made it to almost halfway, eight and a half hours of journeying, I could see Irish lights illuminating the clouds, but the rudder design wasn’t up to the battering from the larger than forecast waves and the attempt was over when the second rudder failed.  I was onboard the safety boat two hours after we had started the return trip to Wales when the Tredalo broke up, whilst under tow, and sank – at least I have solved the problem of where to store it!”

The Irish Sea Crossing challenge required Chris to single-handedly power the craft, non-stop, across 66 miles of open sea from Treaddur Bay, Anglesey to the east coast of Ireland somewhere south of Dublin.  He envisaged it would take around 40 hours to complete and use up 30,000 calories in the process – a rough comparison would be running ten marathons back-to-back.  Chris had put considerable effort into the design and build, safety aspects and his own personal fitness, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

 Iron-man challenges

Certainly Chris’s mental and physical capabilities were never in question having proved himself under gruelling circumstances time and again.  Whether freezing cold (Chris is the only man to have won the 6633 Extreme Winter Ultra Marathon twice in 2009 and 2010, tolerating temperatures of minus 80 in a 350 mile week long trek to the Arctic hauling his own equipment behind him on a sledge), boiling hot (Chris bagged second place in the 2008 Gobi Challenge Ultra running six marathons over six days in temperatures over 40 degrees – again carrying all his own food and equipment) or soaking wet (Chris completed the “Canoeists Everest” in 2012 going the 125 miles from Devizes to Westminster non-stop in over 25 hours) Chris has the mettle.

Chris continues, “I think we all recognized that there were many uncertainties, and risks.  We planned for them all, but I really hadn’t ever thought that this would be the outcome.  A great shame as I was feeling really strong and making great progress – nearly made it halfway!  I hope that people will view the attempt in the spirit in which it was undertaken, as a bit of an adventure to support two great charities that provide very important services and need donations to continue to do this.”

To donate to Chris’s two chosen charities, the RNLI and Wiltshire Blind Association, and to view the challenge details visit –



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