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Wibit kick-start non-swimmers

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Children (and grown-ups) react rather less enthusiastically to acres of open sea or endless swimming pool lanes than they do when an inflatable or two are tossed into the mix.  So imagine their excitement when an entire blow-up sports park is set up for their delectation.  Wibit turns non-swimmers into little fish in an instant.

Founded in 1997 by pals Robert Cirjak and Romann Rademacher, Wibit aims to bring fun to pools and water-based resorts around the world.  The commercial grade products ranging from standalone climbers, splashers and wiggle bridges to modular sports parks with 60 or more components are designed to promote motor skill development and social interaction.  And, judging by the rave reviews, Wibit hits the spot.

Overcoming fears

Organisers of a YMCA Summer Camp in New York said; “The huge majority of NYC kids do not swim, nor do their parents.  Many are quite afraid of the water and get little encouragement from parents to overcome their fears.  Their fear is compounded in a “black water” natural lake.  They think the water is muddy – dirty – and that fish that they cannot see will eat their toes.  At many camps, we insist that kids learn to swim.  But there is little intrinsic motivation for them to do.  All they see are the downside to getting in that water and all they feel is the fear and sting of the water if it happens to get near or in their eyes. So, we went looking for a flotation element that appealed to kids and would quickly have them jumping into the water, laughing and splashing.”

Building motivation

They opted for a Wibit sports park and discovered that the kids really wanted to get out there and on it which created the motivation to learn to swim to reach the inflatables.  All thoughts of stinging water and nibbling fish were forgotten as they competed to see how high or far they could jump.  Another Wibit advantage is the very little instruction or coaching required, people just intuitively know what they need to do.

From climbing to sliding, spinning to rocking, duelling to bouncing, there’s a Wibit product for everyone and customers can combine, customise and colour-coordinate to their heart’s content.


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