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The Ultimate Yacht Toy

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Last year it was the Freestyle Cruiser™ Water Slide, with more than 100 megayachts commissioning the toy in just one season, but every gimmick has its 15 minutes of fame before the next one comes knocking on its door and, according to specialists Eco Yacht Toys, for 2013 the baton is being passed to the Climbing Wall.

James Econs from Eco Yacht Toys says, “The Climbing Wall really could be the client request for 2013/14 and the interest in it, even in these last ten days, has blown us away.  We hope to have a few climbing walls on yachts before summer really kicks in – and they’ll all be the talking point of the bay.”

If “Climbing Wall” all sounds a bit Royal Caribbean cruises, fear not, this is an upmarket version which has multiple purposes.  First, the Wall is fun, fun for you, your friends, your family and of course those charter guests.  Focussing on the latter, the superyacht industry dictates that the more gadgets and gizmos you have onboard, the more likely you are to secure the charter and that lucrative repeat business.  So, whilst your yacht is anchored in Porto Cervo, Climbing Wall proudly on display, it’s acting as a life-size advertisement for future custom.  Finally, the Wall is great for developing strength and working on those core muscles – why slave inside in the gym when you can be out in the fresh air getting fit?

Created by Green Yachts, the Climbing Wall is inflatable (the world’s first) and designed by professional rock climbers.  It has three different routes denoted by three different colour schemes, each representing varying levels of difficulty – the holds of green are easy and ergonomic, yellow are medium and red are smaller and positioned in a way that makes the ascent rather tricky.  Climbers will never get bored of the challenge and, if things get too tough and too hot, the plunge into the sea below will be a refreshing break.

The “standard” Climbing Wall is five metres by three metres but, of course, every unit is customised to suit the shape of the yacht.  The manufacturers have planned a ‘traversable’ wall and overhang as part of the customisation.  Prices will vary, but an impressive introductory price of 14,495 euros is pitched for the standard version.

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