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Dragonfly double take

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It’s not often that you’re stopped in your tracks at a Boat Show, as after all there’s only a certain amount of mould breaking you can do when it comes to creating a motor or sailing yacht, but the Dragonfly 32 certainly generated a second look.  New last year, the trimaran has a natty Swing Wing folding system which reduces the beam by 50% in less than a minute either side.  A clever mechanism that eliminates the need for expensive outsized berths.

Created by Quorning Boats of Denmark, the Dragonfly 32 is the middle boat in a trio ranging from 28 feet to 35 feet and packs in a surprising amount of space.  Sleeping six in full size two metre berths, there is a large double V-cabin up front, two big easily foldable berths in the main cabin and a comfortable double berth in the aft cabin.  Meanwhile the dinette table seats six to eight with ease with a functional and ergonomically designed galley centrally located by the companionway.  Headroom is a whopping 1.93 metres in the main cabin (6ft 4in) and 1.85 metres in the toilet areas (6ft 1in) – no stiff necks.

Of course the real excitement comes with the Swing Wing system.  Unique to Quorning, the mechanism gives all Dragonfly trimarans enough stability to moor in the folded position in a marina berth.  No tools are required and the magic can be controlled from the cockpit.  For the Dragonfly 32, this means that the 8 metre beam whilst sailing is reduced to just 3.7 metres when folded, not far off a standard monohull sailing yacht.

In keeping with the Dragonfly family, the 32 comes in two versions – ’Touring’ with a standard rig and ’Supreme’ with a taller rig providing increased power.  A 30hp outboard engine comes with the package, with an option for a two cylinder inboard diesel or electric drive.  All Dragonfly boats are equipped with a tiller but the spacious cockpit, big enough for captain and crew, is designed and developed to accommodate a steering wheel if preferred.

With big floats, superb for powerful and fast offshore performance, peaking at 20 knots plus, the Dragonfly 32 is ideal for serious racing or more steady fun, safe family sailing.  Able to anchor in kneedeep water, it’s easy to wade off to the beach for a spot of lunch or snorkeling whilst the large trampolines are fabulous for lounging atop your private island idyll.

Since being established back in 1967, Quorning has produced almost 800 Dragonfly boats with in the region of 25 trimarans leaving the yard every year.

Prices for a Dragonfly 32 Swing Wing, Touring version, standard boat, start from 207,900 euros.



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