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The showboating Xhibitionist

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Dictionary definition:  “Exhibitionist – someone who deliberately behaves in such a way as to attract attention”.  Slice off the “e” and you have Xhibitionist, a 75 metre concept superyacht that’s certainly no shrinking violet.

From the talented brain (and hands) of Swedish designer Eduard Gray, Xhibitionist is part of a duo, the other half being the black carbon fibre Xhibit-G supercar that lends plenty of its automotive styling to the superyacht.  Describing it as “quite simply a masterful blend of style, purpose and efficiency”, Eduard has gone for an inverted trimaran configuration in order to give the Xhibitionist great stability.  And, this factor alone drops a heavy hint about why the superyacht was created in the first place – for her reconfigurable interior space.

Multipurpose in the purest sense of the word, the Xhibitionist can be rearranged into a car showroom, a partitioned retail space or as a luxury lounge for guests (designer Eduard says a Steinway piano completes the scene beautifully while the vessel is in ‘guest mode’).  Meanwhile, the ‘hood’ at the bow opens up to release a configuration of solar panels that not only provide an eco power supply but are also strong and sturdy enough to create a platform for partying and concerts or a helipad for two or three choppers.  Just below is a viewing deck, whilst at the other end of the vessel, on the fly deck, a hot tub is ready for a soothing soak and at sea level a sprawling beach club.

Workhouse by nature, but not by design, the Xhibitionist has Art Nouveau styling including beautiful Baccarat crystal lighting and plenty of gloss black and sleek mirrors.  Too chic to be called an engine room, the ‘power plant gallery’ is housed behind glass for easy maintenance with engines (hybrid drive) plainly visible for engineering enthusiasts to examine and admire.   Outside the yacht makes a real show of itself with its car-like curves – some have even suggested that it has a touch of the Batman about it.

Beauty aside, Gray Design sees Xhibitionist’s value as a floating working asset that compares favourably in terms of price per square metre when looking at the real estate market.  The superyacht can adapt and evolve to fit any business model and is therefore to some extent futureproofed.

But above all she looks fantastic in a marina.  At night, at anchor, the solar panels give free life to the LED nightlights that help Xhibitionist mark her territory and turn heads long after the sun has set.

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