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The Oyster World Rally Enters Fourth Month

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“After 3,400 miles 14 days and 23 hours at sea we finally spotted land on the horizon.  And now we’re here in French Polynesia.”  These are the words of Audrey Adamson, First Mate on Lush, an Oyster 885 that arrived on the island of Nuka Hiva at the end of March.  And, the reason for his epic travelling adventure?  The first ever Oyster World Rally conceived to celebrate the yacht manufacturer’s 40th anniversary.


Getting underway in Antigua on 6 January this year, amidst a blast of cannon fire from Fort Charlotte, the first Oyster World Rally signals the culmination of two years meticulous planning and the beginning of a 16 month quest to sail around the globe – a 27,000 mile adventure of a lifetime.  And who should be onboard Lush?  Formula One tycoon Eddie Jordan.  A keen drummer and touring musician, Eddie was part of an impromptu gig at the start of the Rally.


“It was great to wish everyone good luck with a bit of a dance and a sing-along to a few anthems,” laughed Eddie Jordan, ”This is going to be a fantastic experience, I have more air miles than you could imagine but to sail around the world is going to be the biggest adventure of them all. It is full of unknowns but that is all part of the attraction and I am just so thrilled about the whole thing.”


Indeed, if you’re a true sailor, to circumnavigate the globe is an ambition to be fulfilled, and the 28 members of the Oyster range are part way through an unforgettable journey.  Justly international with the fleet hailing from Canada, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, South Africa, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States, the Rally will visit 31 destinations throughout the circumnavigation.


After tackling the Panama Canal (a four day passage) and into the Pacific, the first ports of call were the Galapagos Islands (where fearless and friendly sharks, sea lions, penguins, pelicans, iguanas and turtles all came to join the party), Marquesas, Tahiti, Bora Bora and Moorea.  From the Pacific the fleet will head to the Great Barrier Reef, round the top of Australia, party in Bali, head west for Christmas in Cape Town on to Brazil for the Carnival, before a final grand party with the Oyster Caribbean Regatta in April 2014.


Every yacht taking part in the Oyster World Rally is fitted with Yellowbrick trackers and SSB Radio with a daily ‘call-in’ schedule.  Oyster World Rally Event Manager, Debbie Johnson, reports that the fleet have really bonded, “The radio network has been used really well, people have dropped in and out but everyone has loved it and being very positive about how it is a useful way of sharing information.  Also from a social point of view, the radio net was used as a way of getting together.”


To keep an eye on progress at the inaugural Oyster World Rally visit and click the Yellowbrick tracker icon to see individual positions.  We’ll update you later on in their wonderful journey…



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