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Sailaid – All at Sea for a Good Cause

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Nick and Sebastian preparing Rocky

While some respond to reports of hunger and deprivation in the developing world by agreeing that, yes, it is awful and someone really should do something about it, two amateur sailors in Mallorca are getting to grips with the problem in a very practical way.

Nick Mason, aged 15 and 16 year-old Sebastian Page Franklin are setting off on Saturday 16 July for a 160 nautical mile trip around Mallorca in their open dinghy, Rocky, to help two of the Island’s charities.

Nick Mason                                                                           Sebastian Page Franklin

Via its humanitarian programmes in Mallorca and Africa, Mediterranea is dedicated to providing children with necessities like milk, baby food, nappies, basic food stuffs and school books.  Noting the good work that the charity was undertaking, the two boys stepped in to help and are hoping that their sponsored circumnavigation of the Island will raise some money and publicise the tireless work carried out by Mediterranea.

The boys’ voyage will also benefit Mallorca’s environment, since they will send information about the waters around the Island to Ondine, a local association dedicated to preserving and protecting the marine eco-system and promoting sustainable fishing methods.

This expedition is not without its challenges; Nick and Sebastian acknowledge that the changeable weather conditions might not permit them to set off on the 16th of July as planned and have prepared a contingency plan.

“Every morning we will get a detailed weather forecast and if we’re unable to sail we’ll spend the day cleaning the local beaches and telling people about the trip in the hope that some of them might decide to become last minute sponsors.”

While Nick and Sebastian have not been short of sponsors in the more traditional sense of the word, they have also found that help has been forthcoming in many different forms: “We are very grateful to anyone who has given a helping hand, from allowing us to refill our water bottles from their taps to giving us a hand with running repairs.”

In fact, the boys have been so impressed by the assistance that they have received, in all its forms that they are to set up a blog entitled “Very Nice Island People” publicising the kindness of their supporters.

The trip will not be an easy one for a variety of reasons, not the least being that Rocky will be a very bijou home for the ten to 14 days that it will take to circle Mallorca.  Nick and Sebastian acknowledge that some sacrifices of comfort will have to be made and they plan either to take turns sleeping on the bottom of the boat or sleeping on beaches that they encounter on the way.

A blog catalogues the preparations for the trip and, once they have set off, the boys plan to post regular updates on the progress made during the previous 24 hours.

Despite their youth, Nick and Sebastian are both experienced sailors and have been taking to the sea since they were children.  Their passion for all things nautical inspired them to undertake a number of courses at Cala Nova Sailing Club in dinghy sailing and canoeing; they are also both PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) Advanced and Rescue Divers.

Their families have been close for many years and Sailaid is, typically, a joint project.  While Nick suggested the circumnavigation it was Sebastian’s brainwave to use the adventure to raise money for Mediterranea.

Excitement levels are high in the Mason and Franklin households at present, but before the boys can cast off there is the small obstacle of Nick’s GCSEs to overcome; the daily grind of school must take priority before the odyssey can begin.

Follow Nick and Sebastian’s progress via their blog at:

Sailaid Mallorca is also on Facebook –

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  1. June & Roger says:

    Fantastic guys, you both have grown so much since we saw you last! We are a bit worried where the legs will go? Keep us posted. Watch the Sun – lots of blockout!


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