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Pinstripe Tender suits you Sir!

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Design studio, Gray Design, has an interesting plan to make transporting guests and supplies just that little bit smarter.  In collaboration with Caterham Composites, a business best known for adding a touch of technical genius to Formula One, this imaginative Swedish company (remember superyacht Xhibitionist from the March issue?) has come up with a simple yet inspired design for a versatile, energy efficient and, above all, eye-catching yacht tender.

Ideal for corporate use (as the name suggests) the Pinstripe takes its inspiration from a finely tailored pinstripe suit and would be the ideal craft to ferry VIP guests around the marina at the world’s leading boat shows.  It would have special appeal to discerning brands such as fashion houses and represent their style and ethos well.


The Pinstripe includes a number of innovations, the most obvious being the user-friendly bow which has been designed specifically to serve as a frontal loading area.  Protected by stainless steel strips, it provides a surface from which supplies can easily be loaded and unloaded.  Additionally, a central stairway, at bow and stern, encourages ease of access and assists fast turnarounds.

The seating is flexible, the use of floor sliders means that leg room can be adjusted depending on the number and individual requirements of guests.  Some seats are removable, which is useful when cargo space is at a premium, but can just as easily be reinstalled to accommodate up to 11 passengers.  Apart from offering flexibility in the passenger-to-cargo ratio, this versatile tender can also be customised to feature luxury seating or to transport waterskiing or research equipment.


Perhaps, the most striking non-aesthetic feature of the Pinstripe tender is its expected employment of a hydrogen propulsion system developed by Alexys Yachts.  Since being installed on a demonstrator at the 2012 Dubai Yacht Show, this ingenious fuel system has gained widespread interest in the alternative fuel industry and will hopefully form part of the Pinstripe as a popular, eco-friendly alternative to more traditional drive systems.

Even with the use of hydrogen over fossil fuels, its lightweight sleek design should allow the Pinstripe to reach and maintain a speed of approximately 38 knots.  Gray Design is one of the first companies to take advantage of this revolutionary invention and has already stated that it plans to develop more hydrogen powered yachts.

Meanwhile Caterham Composites has been hoping to extend its expertise honed in motorsport and aviation into the field of naval engineering for some time and has already been involved with Alex Thompson Racing.  Alex successfully completed the 2012/13 Vendée Globe in third position (no mean feat, nine of the 20 entrants did not finish) at the same time as becoming the fastest Brit to solo sail round the world in a monohull boat (just over 80 days).  Caterham Composites helped to decrease weight at the same time as increasing safety and reliability in Alex’s Hugo Boss Yacht.  Gray Design is delighted to have them onboard to optimise and engineer the Pinstripe hull to perfection.

Building of the nine metre long Pinstripe will be undertaken by the NedShip Group, based in Antalya, Turkey, and it will retail for approximately 325,000 euros – a small price for such a smartly engineered craft.






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