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Smarter Than The Average Cat

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We can always rely on Eco Yacht Toys for an of-the-moment gadget or two and their latest offering is the Smartkat, an amazing inflatable sailing catamaran that gets out of the bag and into the water in just 20 minutes.


Delivered in two holdall type bags, each 1.8 metres long and 30cm in diameter, the Smartkat weighs 42kg in total and can be stored below deck, under the bed or in the garage.  With no trailer required, it’s easily transported in the car, on the roof rack or in the caravan for a weekend away, you could even throw the Smartkat in the aircraft hold – how many boats can you do that to?

For the Performance version, the bags contain inflatable PVC hulls with 1.9 metre long trampoline, a three-part mast, fully battened mainsail, furler jib, centreboard and rudder.  Including unpacking, it takes one (wo)man a short 20 minutes to assemble without the need for any tools or complicated instructions.


Once put together the Smartkat is lightweight but highly stable and, although designed to be fun and sporty, gives surprisingly good performance.  As it’s so light, only a small amount of wind will have her underway, but also if there’s no wind, no problem – simply attach a 3hp engine and 12 knots is easily yours.

Capable of accommodating four adults onboard, the Smartkat can also easily be sailed singlehanded and is safe enough for a beginner to take control.  If you’re more of an experienced enthusiast, there’s a trapeze harness kit with tiller extension available as an extra.  Similarly, if you want something really special, there’s the Smartkat Black Edition which is limited to 99 pieces – each with its own boat sail number.


Jeremy Evans from Yachts and Yachting said, “The Smartkat was amazingly quick, accelerating like a rocket.  It performs reasonably upwind, as well as being very reliable through tacks and gybes.”  Praise indeed.

The Smartkat really is therefore, pretty smart.  It’s reasonably priced (and the wind is free) and you can forget boat trailers, mooring fees and winterising, the Smartkat avoids all of that.  And, at the end of all the fun afloat, simply deflate, dismantle and it’s back in the bags in ten minutes until next time.

Performance version available through for GBP 3,495.00 including full rigging, sails and electric pump.

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