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Blobbing all over the World

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This is one of those “am I really writing this?” moments, but apparently the au courant superyacht toy is:  The WaterBlob™.  Basically a giant sack of air, this “mad, fun and inexpensive toy” (so says supplier Superyacht Tenders and Toys) is getting people ‘Blobbing’ all over the world.


Move over waterslides, climbing walls and the wanna-be-Bond Jetlev flyer, the WaterBlob™ is in town.  The large inflatable rectangular tube is pumped with air and then popped on the surface of the sea.  A printed ‘X’ marks the spot where people leaping from the superyacht should aim to land their jump, which in turn fires a person patiently waiting at the opposite end up into the air and back down to water.  Depending on how inflated the Blob is, and presumably how ‘sturdy’ the jumper is, people can be fired up to 20 or even 30 feet in the air (the manufacturer recommend impact vests and helmets).

Before you start Blobbing, there’s a handy Operating Procedures document to cast your eyes over.  For example they advise that the ‘flyer’ waits in a kneeling position with their arms extended slightly in front of them – the ‘jumper’ must shout “flyer ready?” and wait for them to respond by raising an arm in the air.  The ‘jumper’ should then holler “jumping” as they hurtle towards the ‘X’.  Only one person may leap onto the Blob at a time but two can await launch at the other end, provided they’re somewhat separated so as not to collide in the air.  Of course water depth must be deemed to be suited for landings from a great height and the WaterBlob™ should be kept clean cool and lubricated with water from a hose.


In development for five years, the WaterBlob™ is made in Europe with full TUV (technical safety inspection) approval and comes with a one year “no fuss” warranty.  Available in four standard colours – navy, black, white or grey – the single skin PVC Blob is actually built to order so add your superyacht’s branding as you please.  Delivery is just two weeks from payment.

The most common size for the yachting industry is a six metre by three metre Blob which packs down to a neat 90 centimetre by 90 centimetre by 90 centimetre parcel when all the air has been pushed out.  The WaterBlob™ has a lifespan of a good five to seven years and is happy in both salt and fresh water.

To snap up your WaterBlob™, complete with pump, repair kit and storage bag, visit

See it in action :

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