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Peace at Last

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What’s not to love about an outrageous superyacht concept, something that makes every other boat on the water pale into obscurity, such as MarinaLive!’s recent find ‘Maluhia’ – a futuristic but believable ecoyacht.


‘Maluhia’ means ‘peacefulness’ in Hawaiian – it follows therefore that it has been conceived by Jonathan Peace, a Transportation Design student in his fourth year at Art Center College of Design in Southern California.


Standing at 95 metres in length (which would immediately place it amongst the world’s top 35 superyachts) Maluhia is anything but ordinary.  Her most striking feature is a large blue casing wrapping around the hull.  Aside from aesthetics, this blue structure is a hexagonal patterned solar cell which is gathering energy to help power the diesel hybrid ecoyacht by recharging the onboard batteries.


The second feature which makes Maluhia what she is, is the internal open-air courtyard.  Instead of the decks opening to the exterior, this inside-facing area is designed for protected relaxation.  Trees, grass and a water feature help to achieve Jonathan’s aims of connecting land-based verdant nature with the freedom of the open ocean.  You could imagine it being the perfect space for practicing some yoga or typing the next thousand words to a novel.


Moving to the aft, the nature motif appears once more.  Surrounding the swimming pool on this large sunny deck are more trees to provide natural shade and a cooler atmosphere during the hottest hours of the day.  Meanwhile, instead of teak, the pool is flanked by grass laid between a theme-continuing hexagonal pattern made of silica-infused concrete.  This material is far lighter than traditional concrete and also translucent to light – giving the ability to glow from below by night with the aid of LED lighting.


Like many of these concepts, we are somewhat left in the dark as to the interior – it’s all about what’s on show on the outside, which is a bit of a shame.  All we hope is that some of these concepts become commissions and we see these crazy creations knocking about at sea.  And, please don’t ask what the projected price of a 95 metre Maluhia would be, as JP Morgan once said “You have no right to own a yacht if you ask that question”.


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