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The Wider 150´ – Luxury and Performance

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Said to be inspired by the sea itself, the team behind the Wider 150’ has aimed to produce a top quality yacht that fizzes with luxurious refinements usually available only on a craft of 200’ or greater.


Designers Fulvio De Simoni and Tilli Antonelli and a highly experienced team have already gained an enviable reputation for creating boats that, thanks to cutting-edge technology, handle like a dream and also offer the last word in comfort.  But maybe they have surpassed themselves with the Wider 150’ which contains enough bells and whistles to start an orchestra.

Eco warriors will be impressed by the combined diesel and electric propulsion system, which reduces fuel consumption and means that the 150’ can achieve a range of five hours and 25 miles of cruising while running all on-board services using only battery-powered electric engines.  However, once the diesel engines are employed, the yacht can reach even higher echelons of speed and range.  The clever hull design also helps the 150’ to cut through the water with ease whilst the lightweight aluminium construction adds to the ‘high performance with low emissions’ remit.

The Wider 150’s upper deck is home to a handsome salon and informal dining area wrapped by large windows which have been designed to ‘disappear’, allowing access to the side terraces for a seamless marriage of indoor and outdoor living.


The main deck hosts a beautifully equipped external cockpit and generously proportioned salon which has been divided into two living areas.  To the fore is the master suite which stretches over the entire width of the craft admitting light and panoramic views.  It is also possible to divide the master suite into two separate areas if required – good news for snorers perhaps.  The captain’s cabin stays conveniently close to the helming station, while crew are accommodated to the fore of the lower deck.

Guests have the pick of four superbly designed cabins with en-suite bathrooms and freedom of access to outside deck space without having to navigate a warren of closed, air-conditioned zones.

In-keeping with the Wider name, the 150’ has the signature Wider Beach, two side wings that open and flap down to provide plenty of extra deck space for sun-loungers and a bit of bonus added stability when at anchor.  Other stand-out touches include the touch ‘n’ go helipad formed by a part of the deck above the tenders rising to become a functional heli-platform.  And, when the tender is launched (a Wider 32’ naturellement) the vacated area transforms into a seawater swimming pool.

150’ aside, Wider also launched a new version of its popular 42’ at the Monaco Historic Grand Prix.  This refinement of the original 42’ design includes a further lightening of the carbon structure and a redesigned cockpit which now includes a handy dinette in the centre – also composed of carbon.  The table can be raised and lowered electrically and also converts into a chaise longue or sundeck.wider02

An outdoor galley unit hosts a sink, large central work surface with teppanyaki griddle and a 51 litre movable refrigerating unit – a ceramic glass burner and a 50 litre built-in fridge can also be added on request.  This new layout makes it possible to seat up to 12 people comfortably.  And, in the Wider 42’’s case, the side extensions double the walkable surface of the boat upon deployment – in just 12 seconds.

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