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Eco-Friendly Energy 23

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Faced with the challenge of designing an electric craft, Slovenia-born Alfastreet Marine first came up with the Energy 18.  It had a unique hardtop system that could quickly be raised and lowered depending on the weather, a custom bathing platform with retractable ladder, and enough space for eight adults.  What’s more it could be powered by solar energy.  Buoyed by its success, soon the little day cruiser had a big sister – the Energy 23.


The Energy 23 includes all the features that made the 18 so popular, with a few added extra attractions.  At almost seven metres and with a choice of planning or displacement hulls, the 23 is certainly more spacious than its older sibling, offering those eight passengers the prospect of day tripping in style.  What’s more, as a family friendly boat, Alfastreet Marine is able to boast of the Energy 23’s stability, safety and power and to hold aloft a CE certificate for B and C categories.

Considering that this is such a small boat (its beam is less than two and a half metres wide, which means that the Energy 23 can be towed on a trailer quite legally) it punches above its weight when it comes to home comforts.  It can sleep two in a convertible double bed, hosts a small kitchen area in the cockpit, a lavatory, mini saloon, and 100 litres of water can be stored on board.  Clients can choose from a variety of upholstery and accessory options.


So far so impressive, but what really sells this concept is the Energy 23’s patented hydraulic hardtop roof system.  The cockpit can be closed at the push of a button, or it can be manually set to a desired level according to the weather.  On windy or rainy days a PVC canvas can cover around the cockpit.  To elevate the hardtop from a closed roof position to a standing height of 1.80 metres takes less than 25 seconds.  A similar hydraulic system lifts the small roof of the cabin bedroom, providing ventilation inside.

Alfastreet also offers a sliding boat roof that adjusts to the left or the right, so you can either chase or seek shelter from the sun – whatever position you’re anchored in.  If you imagined that eco-friendly meant hair shirts and discomfort, then this comfortable cruiser will put your mind at rest.


The boat is “electric optional” and a range of drive options are available, with 10.5 and 14hp electric systems featuring amongst them.  These are most-suited to quiet noise- and emission-free pootles around lakes and bays.  With an optional 24kWh battery pack fitted, the Energy 23 can manage 100km per charge at speeds up to 7.5km/h, but if that speed nudges up to the maximum of 11km/h, the range drops to around 70km.  For those with a greater need for speed, the outfitting of various engines and drives up to 250hp is possible.  The fastest combinations – with a planing hull – can see the Energy 23 get up to 40 knots.

The cheapest electric model Energy 23 will set you back 53,100 euros with fuel versions starting from 54,100 euros.  You can almost double that for the manufacturer’s top-of-the-range hybrid model.  Meanwhile, the Energy 18 is still very much available, priced from a very manageable 21,250 euros.





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