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Go DinghyGo starter sail

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Like most people these days we love a bargain, so if you’re a sailor rich in enthusiasm but poor in cash, the DinghyGo may well have your name on it.

DinghyGo can be transported in a 66lb (30kg) two-bag package, so you can say goodbye to the usual expense of buying a suitable trailer, and in its transportable state the craft measures just 44 x 26 x 16 inches and can easily fit into your car, caravan, camper or, if you want to use it as a toy, onto your yacht.

Designed by the talented Aquacrafts team in the Netherlands, the concept relies on an inflatable design to deliver a product that is eminently transportable and storable, yet simple to get ready for a day’s sailing.  Like other similar products that we have featured, most obviously the Smartkat and the TIWAL 3.2, both of which outweigh the DinghyGo by 10kg or more, this is a product that is designed to be river or seaworthy in a remarkably short space of time.  The Aquacrafts team reckons that it can be unpacked, inflated and rigged in less than four minutes, again a massive improvement on the Smartkat and TIWAL’s 20 or more minutes.

The standard dinghy has a payload of 1,100lb (or 500kg), is eight feet long and provides enough space for a family of four.  For solo sailors and learners the S model, which measures a tad over seven feet, might be a little more practical.

Despite its essentially simple concept, the DinghyGo experience offers several options.  The 4m² sail provides a good starting point for traditional sailing or you can take her for a row with the included set of oars. The dinghy can also be fitted with anGo outboard motor up to 8hp, so that makes a total of three sailing options in one comparatively small package.

Nobody is claiming that the DinghyGo is perfect for everyone – it lacks the aluminium frame and superior stability of the TIWAL 3.2, for instance – but for the family who likes to get out onto the water at the weekend, it’s hard to beat.

Aquacraft has very sensibly opted to keep the price right down to appeal to the widest possible clientele. Its recent debut at the Boot Düsseldorf Show attracted a lot of interest from prospective customers, particularly when they realised that they could own a standard DinghyGo for as little as 2,599 euros (or £2,165).  The smaller S model sells for 2,400 euros (£2,000).


Already winning plaudits from the experts (Sailing Today, in its inflatable tenders test, described it as “the only true all-rounder”) Aquacraft’s latest creation looks as though it will be a real affordable family favourite in 2014.








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