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Atlantic – Sports Car of the Sea

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In 2013, Raphael Laloux found himself amongst the five Young Designer of the Year finalists in ShowBoats International’s ShowBoats Design Awards.  The prize included an invitation to German shipbuilder Lürssen’s shipyard to talk through their ideas and meet the experts with all the experience in custom yacht manufacture – the stuff of young men’s dreams.

The competition recognises the best superyacht proposals developed by students and trainee designers to meet a specific realistic client request and, given further technical design and development, the design should be feasible to build.  No mean feat, but one that Laloux clearly handled with aplomb.


The ‘specific client request’ for 2013 involved an explorer yacht for man who had an affinity for classic cars and sports cars and liked large outdoor spaces – plus the usual equipment, accommodation and utility areas expected from a tailor-made superyacht.

Laloux named his 65-metre explorer ‘Atlantic’.  This beautiful yacht features multi-functional living spaces arranged over several decks and, keeping his original idea of ‘yacht as sports car’ in mind, he ensured that Atlantic’s profile was sleek and streamlined.

In order to include plenty of outdoor living space, Laloux conceived interior and exterior designs in tandom, and the sharp modernistic design earned a visual balance by making each line in the Z axis meet in one point to reflect a classic sports car design.  So far so good.


Atlantic is certainly a good-looking craft from the outside looking in, but it also delivers amazing sea views for guests looking out.  Numerous bay windows and other openings allow guests to sip a cocktail at the bar whilst still feeling completely connected to their surroundings on the open sea.

All shared living spaces are brought together on the main deck and can easily be adjusted, thanks to some very clever modular window designs.  But, the jewel in the crown of this magnificent concept is the fabulous living room which features a 360° view at all times, creating a unique and comfortable observation post.  For fine weather sailing, this spacious salon can be configured to offer a direct connection with the deck, but on cooler days it also functions as a cosy place to enjoy a quiet drink.


The 360° bar provides a transitional point between the living room and the lounge beyond.  This might be a great place to relax and unwind during the day, but it also has a louder personality – when night falls, its inner party animal is unleashed to create a private disco area.  Meanwhile, the adjacent dining room further adds to the continuation of the interior and exterior spaces thanks to an endless panel of sliding bay windows opening onto the deck, and delivers a warm and sociable place for a formal dinner party or a more casual meal.

A sports car can make the driver feel like a king, so how much more regal should the owner of a superyacht feel?  Laloux’s final touch of genius is Atlantic’s top deck that doubles as the owner’s ‘crow’s nest’.  An impressive loft opens onto a large private terrace complete with private plunge pool, perfect for sunny afternoons – and taking a break from entertaining all those guests.










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