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BomBoard – Pocket Rocket Jetski

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The marketing blurb introduces BomBoard as “the world’s only modular, high performance jetski at the world’s lowest price” and invites prospective customers “to create a wave of tricks stunts and manoeuvres”  And, at just $3,495 (approx £2,100), it’s an invitation that many can afford to accept.

BomBoard’s founder, John West, is a lifelong watersports fanatic and the creator of this zippy new addition to the world of high-speed toys, which is deliberately aimed at the younger end of the market.  It has a whole raft of advantages over bulkier jetskis in that its construction is modular, and can therefore be transported easily without the need for a trailer, whilst remaining the perfect vehicle for the more adventurous rider who enjoys pulling a few high velocity stunts.

West says, “I had observed how today’s generation of action sports enthusiasts enjoyed the adrenalin rush of riding a high performance jetski, but the majority of them didn’t have easy access to these machines.  My mission became to reinvent the traditional jetski so that it would be both affordable and useable by today’s new generation of enthusiasts and to provide a hassle free buying and service experience that would allow them to enjoy a performance watercraft close to home.”


Being both smaller and lighter than traditional jetskis, the young-at-heart BomBoard consequently has faster acceleration, a tighter turning radius and is also closer to the water for a greater adrenaline rush.  Easily capable of reaching speeds of more than 40 mph it can certainly move over the water.

The team’s idea of BomBoard’s primary market are individuals from 14 to 34 years old who communicate largely via the internet, social media in particular, city dwellers with limited storage space and budget, who are adrenaline junkies in their spare time.  However, that doesn’t preclude those with more disposable income who fancy impulse buying ‘the latest thing’ on a whim with what, to them, would be just pocket money.


In its ‘raw’ state BomBoard consists of four modules that can be snapped together in a minute or less.  The heaviest module weighs approximately 80 pounds (36kg) and the fully assembled unit weighs 150 (68), which means that even small shifts in the rider’s weight can have an immediate effect on its handling.  “It’s like a pocket rocket go-kart for the water,” explains West.

The BomBoard team has taken an unusual path in launching its product, “We worked in stealth mode for a number of years until we had a working prototype that met all the criteria that would appeal to masses of action sport enthusiasts,” reveals West.  “We are now becoming more visible to solicit final product input from potential BomBoarders and to attract a group of qualified partners and investors that would like to become part of the revolutionary new Powered Action Watersport, BomBoarding.”


This hot new watersport product is already making waves in the USA, in more ways than one, and the Bomboard team is looking forward to launching their product in other worldwide markets.  In order to attract potential investors, transparency has been the watchword.  As COO, Anders Stubkjaer has quite correctly observed, not many start-up companies have uploaded their entire business plan on their website.  With 14 online pages dedicated to investors, this is a company with plenty of ambition and plans for the future – maybe you want to get on board and help them?





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