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Affordable, hassle free boating in the Balearics

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British tycoon Felix Dennis famously said, “If it flies, floats or fornicates, always rent it.” RIB Club Global can help with one of the three by dispensing with all the costs and headaches of boat ownership in lieu of an annual membership fee, starting from as little as £1,749 for 600 redeemable points.

Paul Smith, Director of Operations for RIB Club Global in the Balearics, says, “The cheapest part of owning a boat is the day you purchase it, then things start to get expensive. Maintenance and mooring, insurance and storage, can set you back several thousand pounds a year, whilst depreciation will make a nice dent in your asset. RIB Club Global removes this financial burden and allows its members to get on with the best part of boating – getting out on the water and enjoying yourself.”


“Although we’ve been operating in Menorca since 2009, this is our first year in Mallorca and demand has been so great that we’ve had to order three new boats to bring us up to a fleet of four. Quite simply, the maths stacks up and the concept makes sense. We’re already looking at Ibiza, Marbella and the South of France as the next RIB Club Global locations.”

The Balearics offer some of the most stunning cruising grounds in the Mediterranean – turquoise waters, idyllic bays and coves, delicious waterfront restaurants and fashionable beach clubs. However many are put off by the high running costs associated with boating and are missing out on this paradise. RIB Club Global brings the privilege of enjoying time afloat back into reach.

RIB Club Global member, Alex Vigil, enthuses, “it’s a great option if you like boating on your holidays but you do not have the time or money to spend on mooring issues, bureaucratic processes etc. The system is very easy… you only have to think about the weather, the trip planning and the beers. We joined the Club in 2011 and have used the boats for five or six trips every summer. A great experience.”


Whether you want to snorkel, wakeboard, zip ashore for lunch or just take it easy on deck with a glass of something cold in your hand, RIB Club Global’s 6 and 7.5 metre RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats) are ideal. Fuelled, valeted and charter coded for up to eight guests, the only ‘extra’ to consider is fuel, estimated at £40 to £50 a day. Powerboat Level 2 or an ICC is required to handle the RIB, the Club can recommend instructors if necessary, or indeed provide a skipper if you prefer. If the weather’s dicey on the day and you cancel, no points are lost, likewise unused points can be rolled over to the following year.

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