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The versatile and energy efficient floating Ark

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The versatile and energy efficient floating Ark Remizov of the Russian architectural studio REMISTUDIO, is a beautiful self-sustaining bio-dome, and what’s more it floats. The building is 40m wide by 60m long and 30m high creating a massive 14,000m² of living space, which Remizov says is capable of housing up to 1,000 people. It could be put together in three to four months and would cost roughly the same as building an energy-efficient house.


Constructed using timber arches held together with high-tension steel cable, The Ark’s framework is covered by a highly transparent foil made of Ethyl TetraFluoroEthylene which is strong, self-cleaning and recyclable. It is also more durable, more economical and much lighter than glass. The tall, sunlight-filled central atrium of the building is filled with plants and trees, creating a microclimate within the building, producing oxygen and cleaning the air.


The surrounding tiered balconies are used as a great open social space. The Ark’s power is generated in a number of different ways – all very green of course. The transparent roof provides greenhouse heat and is also covered with transparent solar panels. There are wind turbines on the outside of the structure and a wind power generator runs through the centre of the building. Water comes from rain, which is collected in gutters between the roof panels. So, once the structure is up and running, it should be a totally self-sustaining environment. Remizov foresees many uses for The Ark.


On land it can be used as disaster housing as it’s quick to construct and easy to take down. Its shell like structure means that it does not need traditional foundations and so can be built virtually anywhere. In addition, the high-tension structure means that the building is earthquake-proof and so can be used in seismic areas where building traditional housing is difficult and expensive. On the other end of the scale it can be used as an eco hotel suitable for up to 1,000 guests and, as it creates its own power and water, can be placed in out of the way locations without any damage to the environment.


But what about on the sea? Well, once The Ark’s floating, the world is your oyster. It can be used as a buoyant base for diving in the most obscure locations, as an eco cruise ship or just tether it in your favourite holiday destination and it becomes your own private self-sufficient island. But I’ve saved the best till last, when the heavens open and it rains for 40 days you won’t need Russell Crowe to rescue you, just unshackle your island and float away to safety in your very own Ark.




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  1. Nana Hinsley says:

    This is magnificent. I am so happy I got to see this! Human ingenuity never ceases to amaze me!!!!


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