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2Play with active boat suspension

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Marine stabilization is big business, from home made ‘flopper stoppers’ to zero-speed stabilizers, over the years a lot of thought and investment has gone into helping seafarers hold onto their breakfasts. Australia’s Nauti-Craft is trying to solve the problem once and for all.


The Nauti-Craft team already has a great deal of experience in land-based suspension technology. The founder of Nauti-Craft, Chris Heyring, and most of the current team previously worked for Chris’s former company Kinetic Pty Ltd. Kinetic is responsible for suspension systems that are factory fitted as standard equipment in various Toyota 4x4s, Nissan Patrols, and the McLaren MP4-12c and P1 super sports cars. In total Kinetic has lodged 24 families of patents relating to novel inventions for vehicle suspension systems.

In fact Kinetic suspension systems are so good that after Kinetic cars aced both the Dakar Rally and World Rally Championship events for three years running, their systems were banned for providing too much of an advantage. So with the land conquered, they moved onto the sea…


The Nauti-Craft team’s first prototype was the saucily named 4Play, an insect-like quadmaran with a stabilized hull at each corner of its deck. The latest prototype is a much more traditional eight metre catamaran dubbed 2Play.



If you’ve ever felt green around the gills on the way to a distant boat dive site, you will be well aware that a stable ride is something that you’d pay a lot of money for. Once you see 2Play in action, you’ll never want to travel by RIB again. 2Play has been designed for commercial situations: transferring crew back and forth from oil rigs and offshore wind farms, for sea rescue and so on, the possibilities are endless. Anywhere the sea is rough and a RIB is traditionally used, 2Play would be a fantastic non-bumpy replacement.

At the core of both the 4Play and the 2Play is the Nauti-Craft marine suspension system, this is combined with their unique Deck Attitude Control System, which actively adjusts and maintains the vertical attitude of the deck. Together these technologies provide improved levels of ride comfort, control and stability, and remove the vomit-inducing roll and pitch components.


In layman’s terms, the bits that float on the sea (the hulls) are separated from the bit you sit on (the deck) by a passive hydraulic system that makes the top bit stable and flat enough to drink your evening G&T without spilling it, even if the bottom bit is twerking because the waves are high.


If you’d like to see it in action, 2Play is currently heading to ABP Southampton for its international debut at the commercial marine exhibition ‘Seawork 2014’ (10 – 12 June), you can view the boat on berth V38.


And if cars and ships don’t float your boat (groan) then maybe you’d be interested in one of Chris Heyring’s patented stable tables, perfect for that ubiquitous G&T. That man has a non-wobbly solution for everything…




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