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All weather power board tops 40mph

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This question has usually been dependent on the weather – and therefore the surf – until now.  With Aquila’s new, revolutionary jet-propelled surfboards, there’s no need to obsessively check the forecast – you can head down to the beach with your ride, whatever the weather…


Powered boards are not a new thing – they’ve been around for over ten years – in fact we’ve written about a couple here before:


But with amazing top speeds of 70kph (yes 70kph) the new range of electric boards from Spanish start-up Aquila is a different animal all together.


Aquila’s boards are jet-propelled, they take water from underneath and pressurise it through the nozzle on the tail, and this gives the board the power it needs.  You control the acceleration and thrust with your handheld, wireless remote control and the board is turned using your body, just like a regular surfboard.


Aquila – meaning ‘Eagle’ – is a new start-up company based in the Basque region of Northern Spain.  The Aquila team began as part of R&D Company Bizintek Innova before realising the potential of their powered boards and starting up a separate company to produce them.


Bizintek Innova, the mother company, has an eclectic portfolio.  They’ve created mOway mini robots to teach programming to kids, Klixer a ‘hair sewing machine’ for hairdressers which creates dreadlocks and, most impressively, a disposable laryngoscope AIRTRAQ which sells over 250,000 units worldwide each year.


The Company’s foundation for its radical power boards was its work on low-voltage power electronics, motor control and LiPo battery management systems.  This gave it the know-how needed to develop services for electric vehicle customers.


“We searched an application to test, and thought that trying to get a board planing over the water would be a great challenge,” says Aquila CEO Iñigo Sobradillo Benguría.  That challenge ended up with her breaking away from the parent company and forming Aquila.


“Most of our team does or has done some watersports and we are very conscious that each person needs a different board.  We have developed a system that fits easily on different configurations and this way we are able to produce boards for different programs and different riders.  Other electric boards have only one option,” she adds.


Aquila’s current range consists of three boards – so whether you’re into stability, speed or tricks there is something for you:

  • The best board for manoeuvrability is the short, stubby ‘Blade’ (185cm x 60cm).  Blade is shaped for quick turns and is perfect for surfing waves.  It has a top speed of 55kph and a run time of 20 minutes per battery pack.
  • Or if its speed you crave, you’d be better off with the longer ‘Carver’ (245cm x 68cm), which has an incredible top speed of 71kph.
  • Finally for beginners and those water-shy adventurers amongst us there is the 230cm x 98cm monster ‘Manta’.  Manta still has an impressive top speed of 33kph and will run for 30 minutes per battery.


So with speeds in excess of 70 kph, weights of less than 20kg on some models and a surprisingly low price point (starting at 2,800 euros for the Manta), this jet-propelled range may well be the game-changer that introduces powered boards to the masses.




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