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Couch launch quiet 5000 Fly

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No billionaire wants to be ferried around in a superyacht that sounds like, well, a car ferry.  So, when a particularly demanding vessel owner raised this tricky issue, French superyacht builders Couach completely revisited the way that their yachts are soundproofed.

The long-established French shipbuilder has now incorporated this new technology into the design of their latest superyacht, the 5000 Fly, creating a beautiful 50-metre yacht that, even when running, is as quiet as a sailboat.

Engineer Albert Couach founded Couach Yachts in 1897, however it wasn’t until 1946, when his grandson Guy joined the family business that they started to consider the mass production of motorboats.  Initially built from wood and aluminium, the Company moved onto fibreglass hulls in the 1960s.

Then, in 1970, Guy constructed the world’s first yacht to employ Aramat, a composite material derived from Kevlar.  Nowadays all Couach hulls are built using Glass Kevlar® fibre.  This is four times more resistant to shocks than any aluminium or polyester hull – it’s also more rigid, solid, lighter and faster.


The size of the yachts produced by the Couach family has been increasing over the years; they’ve moved from the 3300 Fly in 2006 and the 3700 Fly in 2007 onto their largest hulls – a pair of 5000 Fly units in 2008.  In fact, these latest hulls were so big that the Company needed to build a gigantic ramp in order to launch them.  Hull Nº2 in this 5000 Fly series has just been launched as “Belongers”.


On first glance, this second 5000 Fly may look like its predecessor, “La Pellegrina”, Hull Nº1 launched in 2012, but underneath that Glass Kevlar® carbon exterior is a whole new story.


The new owner wanted a quiet ride, in fact a very quiet ride, and Couach has delivered.  At anchor, the decibel reading onboard is a mere 35 dB(A), comparable to wind rustling through trees.  This increases to only 42 dB(A) decibel at 12 knots – in comparison the hum of a fridge is 40 dB(A).


To create this silent haven, the superyacht is fitted with two innovative systems developed specifically for this 5000 Fly – SilentCabTM and VRSTM.


SilentCabTM was developed in conjunction with the VAN KAPELEN acoustics agency.  It works by using an exclusive suspension system which disengages the cabins from the hull.  As, if suspended, the cabins are then isolated from the noises and vibrations caused by the generators and the 2 x 5226 hp MTU engines.


To complement this reduction in noise, Couach has also spent time developing a Vibration Reduction System (VRSTM), which significantly cuts the amount of vibration felt in the guest areas of Belongers. Tests show a vibration of 1.78 mm/s in the upper deck saloon at 12 knots.  This is low when you compare it to an average of 3 mm/s with most yachts on the market.  To further enhance comfort at sea, she is also fitted with 4 x gyroscopic SEAKEEPER 21000 stabilizers.


Belongers can accommodate 12 guests in six staterooms, with ten-crew in five crew cabins.  She has a top speed of 28.3 knots – making her one of the fastest boats in this category – as well as the quietest.




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