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Eccentric Russian designer floats six of the best

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Adventurer, charity worker, successful businessman, founder of a top-100 Russian bank, and proud owner of a seat in Branson’s Virgin Galactic, 38-year-old Muscovite Vasily Klyukin has also been involved in architecture and design since 2010.

His mission is to make unique, instantly recognisable designs that immediately enhance the product’s value.  Looking at his six yacht concepts, he also appears to be ever so slightly nuts, which we applaud.


Vasily says, “As of today, Azzam is the largest private yacht at 180 metres, it’s followed by Roman Abramovich’s Eclipse at 162.5 metres.  But my favourite is A, built for Andrey Melnichenko, by Philippe Starck.  However the unaided eye cannot often determine the winner in length or speed.  There are so many beautiful boats, they can be white or blue, but if you are not a professional in the yacht business, you wouldn’t be able to identify them immediately. Apart from A. A is instantly recognizable from any distance and becomes the main decoration of any port or bay.”


He goes on to say that, since the dawn of time, men have been in competition with one another.  But, while the bloody battlefields are largely left behind in history, nowadays men compete on the football pitch, the boxing ring or on the stock exchange.  Vasily says there are over seven billion people in the world and everyone wants to be unique, that’s why they want to drive the customized tuned cars and own rare pieces.


Vasily’s yacht designs are rare indeed.  Like architectural projects, they don’t compete on length and luxury, but on beauty and uniqueness.  Here’s how he describes his humorous half dozen:


Red Shark

Vasily’s first concept, and his favourite.  “There are no dolphins in the big money world, the sharks are all over the place, and if you see the yacht over 50 metres, you can be sure it’s owned by a business shark”.  On the drawing board Red Shark is 75 metres long and four storeys, although he’s happy to build it longer or shorter.





His second concept is based on the theory that Manhattan is the most beautiful city of skyscrapers in the world.  The yacht’s 80 metres long, four storeys high and resembles the city skyline.  He said, “The view of Manhattan from the water impressed, impresses and will always impress.  Manhattan in the port of Miami, it sounds unreal… but the human imagination is boundless and one day Manhattan will appear in front of Miami!”





This year Vasily is planning a trip along the Amazon, or at least the majority of it, and he thinks it would be an experience best enjoyed on board an old paddle steamer, of the kind seen in Mark Twain novels and American movies.  This is how he came up with four-deck 78 metre Mississippi.  He said, “It doesn’t matter how big and beautiful the other yacht in a port is, the first thing your eyes would catch is the wheel of Mississippi made of glass and metal.”




White Swan

“The swan is the most graceful of the water fowls.  To create its outline, I built a light and transparent structure, the neck, which leads to a small breakfast area.  After leaving the port, the hydraulic props would be lowered and the neck, together with the head, would be pressed to the body.  The second small captain’s bridge is located at the base of the neck, so that the yacht could always enter ports with her head held high.”  This one is 63 metres and three storeys – plus that sundeck.




Blue Bird

Vasily got inspiration for this 66 metre trideck from his home city of Monaco.  It resembles a sports car, and there’s plenty of them racing round the streets of Monaco.  “A huge variety of birds exist in the world, but it’s the Blue Bird that brings the luck”, says Vasily.





Explaining concept six, Vasily said, “The magnificent yacht – Mondrian – doesn’t differ in geometry from most of the yachts, but it’s totally different in colour.  Dutch artist Mondrian inspired Yves Saint Laurent, Lola Prusak, architects and designers all around the world, and finally came to the world of yachting”.  This one is 65 metres and four storeys.




So which would Vasily choose?  “If I built a yacht for myself, it wouldn’t be the same as the other ones.  Of course, all the boats are different, but in reality most of them are similar.  Even if you would build the largest yacht in the world, there is always the sea lover who is richer than you and he would beat your record to have the biggest one.

But he would be a champion only for a certain period of time, couple of years more and the garland will float away on the new boat, bigger than the previous ones.  I’m not captivated with such a competition. I do not want to compete at all. I just want a special yacht: one of a kind, I do not want its beauty to float away from me when somebody will build its copy, but 10 metres longer.”

Come and see Vasily’s oddball designs at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show 2014 where he’ll be presenting alongside the Admiral Shipyard (The Italian Sea Group).






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