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Riva 88’ Florida – World’s first retractable hardtop yacht

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Decisions, decisions.  Which yacht shall I buy?  Do I want a Coupé or an Open?  Or shall I just splash out and get both?  No need, the Riva 88’ Florida fits all.

Super stylish Riva has just announced an innovative new yacht which has a patented convertible hard top roof system designed and developed by AYT&D in collaboration with the technical partners of Ferretti Group Besenzoni Spa and Centro Stile Srl.

This new system seamlessly turns an open cabin into a coupé and vice versa at the push of a button.  And we’re not talking tenders here, Riva will be premiering the “Convertible Top” on their latest offering – the 88′ Florida.  Yes, you heard that right – world renowned, über cool Italian boat builder Riva is in the process of building a TWENTY SIX METRE convertible yacht.


To be honest, all hard top convertibles are pretty impressive – even on a humble road car they seem a bit Back to the Future.  But Riva’s Convertible Top is all the more impressive as two concealed electro-hydraulic arms, all very sci-fi, operate it.  At the push of a button these robotic-like arms appear out of the sides of the deckhouse, attach to the roof panel and pivot it forward to store it away, leaving the cockpit, lounge and dining area open to the sun and sky.  When weather threatens, or you’re feeling a bit chilly, no need to reach for a raincoat, just push that button and the arms will appear again and gently place your roof back on.

The hard bimini top can also be used when moored to provide cover over the top of the forward dinette.


The innovation on the Riva 88′ Florida doesn’t stop at the Convertible Top.  The aft bathing platform can be lowered more than a metre under the sea surface and be slightly separated from the yacht using a pantograph movement.  This, combined with two stainless steel slides, makes the lifting and lowering of tenders and jetskis even easier.




The Florida has signature luxurious retro Riva styling, and designer Mauro Micheli explains why.  “The Riva Bahamas was the first yacht I imagined and designed on my own.

It is a yacht from the 90s, but which is still appreciated today.  I like to consider the Riva 88’ Florida as the new Bahamas.  I decided to use some of the vintage materials of the 80s, wood in particular, especially for the interiors.  I chose peach skin elm wood to convey a soft and cosy feeling”.


The Riva 88’ Florida is 26.7m in overall length with a 6.2m beam.  As standard she comes fitted with two MTU 16V 2000 M93, 2435 mhp, which will give a maximum speed of 38.5 knots and a cruising speed of 34.  There is an option of swapping this for a M94 2638 mhp, which will increase the top speed to a heady 40.5 knots.

Riva states that hull #1 will be completed and launched by the end of 2014, with its official world première scheduled in the early 2015.

Riva does not claim to be the first yacht company to have created a convertible yacht, but the Ferretti system is certainly an elegant and innovative way of tackling the problem – (and did you see those robotic arms…)


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