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V8 Engine jetski tops 65MPH

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The Strand Craft V8 Corvette-powered Wet Rod jetski Promises to be “the coolest ride on water”.  And we agree nothing could be cooler than that.

Fitted with a 5.7 litre 300hp Corvette V8 engine, this carbon fibre personal watercraft can zip along at 65 mph (that’s 56 odd knots) and if that doesn’t make you cling on for dear life, you’re a lot braver than we are.


However, there is some comfort to be taken from the fact that Wet Rod is longer than your average jetski, 16 foot long to be precise, to offer a lot more stability and space for that V8, an under-seat ice box for the Belvedere Vodka, waterproof luggage stowage for the Louis Vuitton, room for dive equipment, and a fuel tank big enough to keep that hungry engine satisfied.


Expected to go on sale later this year at a starting price of 49,000 USD, that’s around 29,000 GBP, it doesn’t sound eye wateringly expensive.

However, with plenty of options from wood and carbon inlays to custom paint jobs and wrapping, GPS to first-rate sound systems, and navigation lights to an underwater camera, there’s plenty of room for that price to shoot higher if your wallet allows.

Speaking of wallets, as the Wet Rod is likely to be aimed at the superyacht-owning fraternity, for whom millions is pocket money, the price tag is largely irrelevant.

For a group where image is everything, the luxury of being able to swap your bog-standard Sea-Doo or Kawasaki for a 65 mile-an-hour Wet Rod is worth every penny.


And by the way if you want somewhere fancy to stow your Wet Rod then Strand Craft has kindly made a 25 million-dollar SC122 superyacht for that very purpose.





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