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New yacht set to Dominate Cannes Festival

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With the Monaco Yacht Show taking up most of the current yachting headlines, you’d be forgiven for not having heard of this rather special debut at this year’s Cannes Yachting Festival – the Dominator D26 Ilumen.  She combines cutting-edge technology and unparalleled luxury with remarkable airiness and a show-stopping profile, and is sure to be one of the key attractions of the festival.

As a relative newcomer to the scene, Dominator’s design office in Lichtenstein and shipyard in Italy have been turning out a range of stunning hulls since the turn of the millennium.  From its inception, the Company has taken a unique approach to boatbuilding, according to Design and Development head Angela Pernsteiner, “When a customer chooses a Dominator, we don’t have an ‘off-the-shelf’ approach.  Our customers, treated as members of the Dominator family, value the journey they take with us to make their yacht fulfil their individual needs.”


Dominator’s philosophy of involving the customer with the customisation of the interior has set them apart from the rest of the industry and allowed them to go from strength to strength over the intervening 14 years, from the 2001 D65 to 2013’s award-winning D640.

The D26 is a 26.5m (87 foot) carbon fibre composite hull displacing 69 tons and designed from the get-go with light and openness in mind.  There is scarcely a place below deck that doesn’t provide a glorious view of the ocean, whether from the wide open saloon with full-height windows on three sides, the owner’s cabin with views from three sides and its retractable ceiling, or even through the smoked glass of the spa-like owner’s bathroom.  The flybridge sports a sprawling full-beam dining area with Jacuzzi astern and bar ahead, the captain benefits from a full 270 degrees of visibility through the bridge’s windshield, and the owner’s cabin opens onto a bow terrace with a sundeck above and to the rear.


While the yacht hasn’t been publicly aired yet, if the promotional shots are anything to go by the guests’ cabins should be similarly spacious and bright.Dominator’s trademark attention to detail is showcased throughout in opulent, luxuriously detailed materials such as white onyx, ebony and nubuck leather.


Perhaps even more interesting is the shipyard’s use of hybrid technology.  At low demand, an electric motor provides clean, quiet, vibration-free power, with one of a selection of engines standing by to provide up to 2,400hp of thrust for sportier activities.  The captain can select from four modes that combine electric and diesel power for different scenarios:  low speed manoeuvring, long range, high power, and an all-stops-out-electric-plus-diesel mode delivering a rather brisk 29 knot cruise speed.


Thanks to the high-tech lightweight composite hull, the Ilumen’s range varies from 1,700 miles to a comfortable 3,000 miles with a modest fuel capacity of 9,000 litres.  What’s more, the hull and bulkheads are made with vibration dampening layers and industrial-grade dampers are used on the engine mounts with the result that no cabin has a noise level of 50dB in ecoPro mode – about the same as a refrigerator.


Dominator’s about to take the wraps off something quite unique – a clean, quiet, airy flybridge cruiser that doesn’t compromise the Company’s obsession with custom luxury outfitting or sacrifice power for economy.  Perhaps a quick trip to the Côte d’Azur is in order to go see for yourself?

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