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Tender Charter launched in the Med

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If we weren’t so happy writing for MarinaLive!, we’d definitely apply for a job at Superyacht Tenders & Toys.  Not only do they supply some super cool bits of gear like the Jetlev-flyer and a 1.5 litre Black Edition jetski, but they also get to snoop around the world’s best superyachts as they measure-up, prepare quotes and drum up business at international boat shows.  (Maybe we should dust out the CV after all?!)



Leaving our career path to one side, Superyacht Tenders & Toys has just launched a brand new service – Tender Charter.  But don’t all superyachts already have tenders I hear you cry?  Company Founder, Josh Richardson, explains, “It had become the norm for superyachts to carry small boats which fitted snugly into their tender garages, but the industry now demands more.  Small boats are all very well, but they’re not great at keeping guests dry in choppy water, and that’s not ideal when your guests are very important people used to a certain level of comfort.  For this reason superyacht owners are getting more and more into larger chase boats, either towed behind or hoisted on deck, and this is the category of vessel we’ll be focussing on in our new Tender Charter service.”


Josh continues, “Perhaps the existing tender has broken down and needs an emergency replacement, or it’s still in-build and has not yet been delivered, or the owner simply hasn’t got the space for a large ten metre-plus tender and wants to charter something nice for a particular batch of guests.  We can deliver a wide variety of chase boats, RIBs and classic tenders, from inboard diesel to outboard petrol, throughout various locations in France, Italy and elsewhere in the Mediterranean – and most are set up with a reinforced bow towing eye, so even small yachts can tow large boats.  While tender charter has always been an integral part of our service, in recent years enquiries have increased dramatically, and it was only a matter of time until we formalised this with a dedicated Tender Charter team.”



Superyacht Tenders & Toys can supply their tenders with a skipper, or bareboat if the driver has the relevant qualifications.  The charter can be for just one day, or for several months, and insurance is provided.  A full listing of current boats available, from Hunton to Pirelli, Wahoo to Wajer & Wajer, can be found here:

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