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Timeshare a Love craft

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Founded in Stockholm in 2006, Agapi (Greek, meaning ‘love’) is a relatively young yacht manufacturer that has so far perfected a 655 outboard, a 900 Open and 900 WA, a 750 outboard and inboard, and a 950 which is set to make its debut in October this year.


Encapsulating the best of Swedish design and innovation (and these Swedes know a thing or two about design and innovation, think IKEA, Volvo, H&M, Saab, Koenigsegg…) Agapi claims four USPs:

  • Design.  With an Agapi, aesthetics and functionality are said to be in harmony.  The boat suits all ages, works for watersports, lounging and cruising, has no wood fixtures or fittings that need special maintenance, and is instead full of intelligent solutions.  Furthermore, the hood provides sun protection in Mediterranean summer heat, whilst the cockpit can be completely covered and protected to face the Scandinavian winter chill.
  • Eco Creds.  Agapi has been able to combine performance with fuel efficiency thus earning it the reputation of being the greenest of the high-speed family-friendly category.  Versus its competitors, an Agapi uses 30 to 50% less fuel and is respectful of the environment.
  • It’s a RIB.  Although not a RIB in the purest sense, Agapi’s concept is based on a RIB, one of the best designs in existence for speed, safety, seaworthiness, ease of use and guests’ comfort.  Hulls are designed by Håkan Södergren Yacht Design, one of Sweden’s foremost marine designers, and Agapis are deemed to be a pleasure to sail.
  • Weight.  Agapis are very lightweight which makes them highly mobile.  They can be easily towed behind a SUV, even the upcoming larger 950, which not only means you can explore many new waters but also saves a heck of a lot of money on winter storage.


USPs covered, Agapi adds another three strings to its bow to make the prospect of buying one even tastier.  The first is its Agapi iPad app that has (Swedish-designed) Seapilot electronic navigation loaded up to replace the cost of onboard plotters etc.  The iPad can also access boat documentation (stored in the cloud), video tutorials, online manuals, handle music systems, alarms, and even message the owner directly as part of anti-theft protection.


Second is the option to buy the boat on a pooled (timeshare) basis, which Agapi believes is the way of the future to allow maximum freedom and, thirdly, Agapi World, where owners can exchange and rent Agapis in other locations so you can cruise the Italian Lakes one moment and the Stockholm archipelago the next.


This summer, Agapi took its unique brand of RIB, in the shape of the 750 outboard, on a summer marketing tour starting in Stockholm and finishing in Menorca, stopping at the Italian Lakes, Monaco, Barcelona and more, along the way.  It turned heads, and actually never made it home to Sweden, as someone was eager to claim the Agapi 750 for themselves.  I guess that’s the definition of a successful summer marketing campaign.


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