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Oceanic 90 STS debuts at Cannes

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Hull number one of Oceanic Yachts’ 90 STS, TsaTsa, was launched at Cannes Yacht Show this year, the first of a new line of explorer vessels built by prestigious Italian ship builders CAntieri NAvali Di OStia.

Better known by their brand name, Canados Yachts, they have been building ships on the banks of the Tiber since 1945.

Canados’ latest offering, the Oceanic 90 STS, has a unique twin-stepped hull, which means at different speeds she acts like a different type of boat.

Below 15 knots she behaves like a heavy displacement boat, staying perfectly flat in the water.

This not only reduces the bouncing and vibrations that are found on planing hulls at low speeds, but also helps keep fuel consumption low.

Pull on the throttle just a touch and the perfectly designed twin-stepped hull means that she runs on a plane at only 16.5 knots.

The 90 STS can easily cruise at 22 knots and maxes out at 26.8.
The Oceanic 90 STS also comes with a ‘DiElec’ (diesel-electric) option. This means at faster speeds she can cruise along using the two Caterpillar diesels. However, when speed is not important, she can swap to run on two electric motors powered by the two onboard generators, saving fuel and reducing noise pollution.


Under electric power the 90-footer can run at 8 knots with an astonishing consumption of only 40 litres an hour – in almost total silence.
One of the finest design features on the Oceanic 90 STS is the master suite.


The entire upper deck has been dedicated to a private owner’s suite with panoramic views, its own private terrace and an alfresco dining area.


The wheelhouse is located on the main deck, which also has a dining room and spacious saloon, while the lower deck also houses a forward VIP cabin, and two twin guest cabins. The galley and quarters for four crewmembers are situated amidships.

Out back on the aft deck sits the 6.5m tender. When the tender’s in the water, the modular sofas come into play and the whole deck is converted into a huge chill out area with plenty of room to relax.


This fits neatly into the Oceanic philosophy of “extended outdoor and indoor living volumes”. However it’s not all finger food and bikinis, there’s also a large covered alfresco dining area for when you feel the need to dust off the pearls.


Under the aft deck, the stern garage houses a couple of three-seater personal watercraft, a couple of Seabobs and a James Bond-style JetLev to complete the package.

If you don’t like the idea of a tender messing up your main deck, then the 90′ Pods model is for you.

This version features twin counter-rotating pod propulsion, which means the engine room can be moved aft leaving space for a central garage. Lo and behold you can move the tender from the main deck downstairs.

There is also an Oceanic 90 Support model. This is designed, as the name suggests, to be a support vessel for a larger yacht and carry the toys, staff, supplies and other gear a superyacht may need, but not necessarily want to see all day.


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