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Opinions split on Triple Deuce Deal

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4_1Who hasn’t been writing about ‘world’s first and largest billion dollar 222-metre yacht’ Triple Deuce recently? Basically no-one.

It’s been all over the media, yachting and mainstream, and opinions fall into two firm camps – “it’s in the papers, so it’s bound to be true”’ to “hmmm, nice publicity stunt 4Yacht Inc”.


Now, before you accuse me of being unfair on the ‘publicity stunt’ comment, let me declare the other ‘hat’ I wear in life, and that’s a PR professional’s one (well as professional as I can be).

I have run my own PR agency for more than a decade, was ‘London trained’, and I guess am entitled to my opinion as much as anyone else.
So, the ‘stunt’. Let me start with my misgivings. 4Yacht, the Florida-based company with the client for Triple Deuce, doesn’t exactly rank amongst the Fraser, Burgess, Edmiston, Ocean Independence and Camper & Nicholsons of this world for superyacht brokerage.


Granted, I am in Europe, 4Yacht is in America, so it may just be a geography thing, but Triple Deuce has certainly put 4Yacht on the map. If I handled their PR, I would count it as a job well done.
Another misgiving is that the publicity material put out by 4Yacht isn’t exactly ‘Ultra High Net Worth Individual’ client’ calibre.

Amongst the official graphics on this page you will spot missing apostrophes and misspellings.


Not to mention the fact that billionaires tend to request utmost discretion from the brokers, with news like this generally ‘leaked by a source close to’ rather than ‘shouted from rooftops by actual broker involved’.

And hey, it’s not just me, take a look at a far-more considered critique from Superyacht Times.

Let’s now leave my I-must-be-getting-old-and-grumpy cynicism aside and switch to “it’s in the papers, so it’s bound to be true” positivity. Especially as Craig Timm, Broker at 4Yacht, was so kind to send me the press release and images. (Thanks Craig! Remember, there’s no such thing as bad publicity!).
I introduce you, Triple Deuce. The marketing spiel opens with a very compelling: “Move over Azzam, at 180m (590’), you’re not long enough. Tough luck, Eclipse, at 163.5m (536’), you’re yesterdays news. Goodbye Dubai, at 162m (531’) you’ve had your day in the sun.


Project “Triple Deuce” is coming, and at 222 metres (728.4’), it’s going to send you, and other yachts in your category, into obscurity as this new build takes its place as the world’s largest yacht.” And we like it.

The 222-metre billion-dollar yacht is designed to carry 36 guests in opulent luxury with a crew of 90 to 100 attending to every need. The 275m² owner’s suite will cover two-storeys, almost one deck-full of the seven decks available, with its own helipad and lift access, drive-in dock, gymnasium, office, private dining and butler’s stateroom.


Remaining guests will be pampered in VIP and guest suites ranging between 60 and 90m² with access to the ‘communal’ swimming pools (yes in plural), Jacuzzis (also in plural), a Spa, masseuse, hair stylist and every water toy you can think of. Triple gas-turbine engines will create over 100,000hp to give her a top speed of 30 knots.
So who’s the UHNWI with their sights on Triple Deuce? Craig revealed, “What our client was concerned about is that if we built the yacht to 200 metres, then someone would come along like Roman Abramovich when he built Eclipse at 163.5 metres, to barely ‘eclipse’ Sheikh Maktoum’s yacht, the 162-metre Dubai, by only 1.5 metres.

By building the yacht to 222 metres, he wants to make it difficult, if not impossible, to be ‘eclipsed’ himself.”
So someone with vision, a dream, a groaning bank account, and a need to own the biggest superyacht on the planet. We’ll start picking through the Forbes 500 Richest and take some guesses.


Triple Deuce will begin to take shape at a yet-to-be-decided European shipyard within the next six to 12 months with a target delivery date of spring 2018.

I can’t wait for Craig to stick ‘that’ finger up at me in six months time and say “I told you so, you must-be-getting-old-and-grumpy cynic”.

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