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Sea sledding with silent Seabob scooter

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Stuttgart-based Cayago Luxury Seatoys has just released its latest and greatest Seabob, the Seabob F5. Available in two models, the standard Seabob F5 and the F5 S (S for Super? Sporty? Special? ‘Spensive?), the F5 is a totally overhauled version of Cayago’s original Seabob, the F7, which was launched at the Dusseldorf Boat Show in 2006.

The F7 weighed in at a hefty 64kg which meant its main market was larger boats which had deck cranes available to haul it out of the water.

In order to expand their market share to include smaller boats and, hopefully, increase sales, Cayago has spent three years developing this new lightweight model.



The Seabob F5 is a mere slip of a thing weighing in at only 29kg, with the F5 S not much heavier at 35kg. At these lower weights the new Seabob models can be easily carried by hand.

There is also a custom-designed Seabob F5 carry case available for purchase for a mere 285 euros.

Both F5 models utilize the worldwide-patented E-Jet Power System. As the name implies, the water is sucked in by the powerful impeller and forced out of the jet channel under high pressure rocketing the Seabob forward at speeds of up to 20 km/h above water.


Underwater, of course, drag is a huge factor, so speeds are a little lower. A waxed, svelte, professional swimmer will travel at an impressive 15 km/ h on the F5 S, however this will obviously drop quite significantly if you’re a hirsute heavyweight amateur.



Seabobs are designed to be incredibly simple to use, just squeeze the trigger and off you go.

Acceleration and braking are at the touch of a high-tech piezo button, the green button to go and the red one to stop, it couldn’t be easier. As a safety precaution there’s a ‘dead man’s brake’ in place and the Seabob stops immediately as soon as the trigger is released.

An additional safety feature is a cut off at 40 metres deep, handy for preventing an unplanned plunge into the abyss – the required depth can be programmed in beforehand. And, being nearly silent underwater, the Seabob won’t scare off the fish while down there.

According to Cayago, “Steering and diving couldn’t be easier – it’s all done by shifting your body weight.


Apply only light pressure and the Seabob will obligingly begin to dive, man and machine forging ahead with power and purpose”.

The F5 has a maximum thrust of 480 N which gives it a top speed over the water of 15 km/h and under the water of 11 km/h.

The more powerful F5S has a maximum thrust of 680 N giving top surface speed of 20 km/h and 15 km/h submerged. Power is provided by a high-torque synchronised drive unit and microprocessor-controlled three-phase power management system.


The energy is then stored in batteries, or if you prefer, High-Energy Lithium-Manganese accumulators.



A colour LED dashboard reports on how much charge you have left and how long the Seabob will last, as well as speed, depth and water temperature.

The Seabob F5 comes in a range of bright zingy colours and costs 7,845€ plus tax, whereas its zippier sibling, the F5 S, will set you back 10,780€.

They both take about eight hours to charge, but if you’re going to buy one you might as well bring it down to an hour and a half with the addition of a fast charger, which costs 1,685€ for the F5 S and a bit less for the plain old F5 standard. If fast, light and quiet water sledding sounds good, take the plunge on one of these ‘bobs.




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