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A lean green flying machine

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There’s every chance that we have finally found the boat of our dreams – the Quadrofoil. It might look like a hovering pedalo, but it’s fast, eco-friendly and, best of all, light on the pocket.

Hydrofoil boats are all the rage this season, in fact we featured the extremely cool HY-X last month, but this beauty from Slovenia is a little bit different. This Quadrofoil is a hydrofoil built for two, one sat fore and the other aft, and it’s powered by an electric motor, which means it’s whisper-quiet. And, with running costs estimated to be less than a euro an hour (yes, less than a euro), also incredibly cheap to run.

According to the website: “Unlike the Titanic, Quadrofoil is actually unsinkable. The hull is hollow, so even in the worst case scenarios, Quadrofoil will stay afloat.” And, if the engine dies and you’re stranded, never fear, because included in the 15,000-euro basic model asking price are a couple of life jackets, a paddle and a safety whistle.


When the pilot turns the steering wheel, all four hydrofoils and outboard motor simultaneously start to turn, delivering fast and precise cornering so you can turn on a dime. The foils become airborne at only 6.4 knots (12 km/h) and, once out of the water, the top spec Quadrofoil has a top speed up to 21 knots (40 km/h) and a range of up to 54 nautical miles (100 km).


Since it can be fully charged in under two hours, you’re not limited to taking the Quadrofoil out once a day either. The fact that hydrofoils don’t create much of a wake, as well as the vessel’s zero emissions, also makes the Quadrofoil perfect for lakes, rivers and other inland waterways as well as ecologically protected areas.

The Quadrofoil’s cockpit features a steering wheel reminiscent of a game controller with an integrated touch-screen display which shows battery life, speed etc. When you dock, the steering wheel detaches à la Formula One and the vessel is immobilized and safe from thieves.


It’s a great idea, but don’t misplace it as you can’t pop down to Mr Minit for a replacement. The Limited Edition also has GPS, nav lights and a depth meter.

The standard Q2A model comes with fabric seats, 4.5KWh batteries and a 3.7KW electric outboard motor providing a top speed of 16 knots (30km/h) and a range of up to 27 nautical miles (50km). 22,500€ will get you the much better spec Q2S Electric Limited Edition with pleather seats, upgraded 10KWh batteries and 5.5KWh motor. Splash out, it’s less than your average Volvo and far more fun.

With regard to colours, the Q2A takes a leaf out of Henry Ford’s book, being available in any colour you like, as long as it’s white. Meanwhile the Q2S is available in a fetching shade of beige.


The Quadrofoil Q2S is available for pre-order now, and a deposit of 35% (7,875€) will secure you a position in the production queue. Delivery will begin with the Q2S in March 2015 and the Q2A following a couple of months later. If you’ve got your eye on the Limited Edition, you’d better be quick, there are only 100 available and they’re, ahem, hydrofoiling off the shelves (apologies).



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