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Dutch-Italian combo delivers third Gamma 20 ‘Mini’

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Perhaps not as well-known as its fellow Italian yacht builders, Gamma Yachts made sure the world stood up and listened when it announced the sale of its latest Gamma 20 ‘mini’ superyacht to household-name opera singer Andrea Bocelli.

So why is the Gamma 20 a ‘mini’ superyacht? Depends who you ask, but superyachts are traditionally termed as being 24 metres and above.


At only 22 metres, the Gamma 20 doesn’t quite qualify, but Gamma Yachts’ CEO, Guido Bonandrini, claims that the degree of customisation available brings it much closer to that of a superyacht than any other vessel in this size range.

“The main elements of the Gamma 20 that are dictated to a client are the hull and superstructure shape; almost all other aspects can be adapted to the client’s tastes, much like you would expect on a yacht of a larger size”, says Bonandrini.

In addition the internal space has been maximised thanks to the distinctive vertical bow. This means that the internal length is almost identical to the length on the waterline. The Gamma 20, with a LOA of 72.5 foot (22.1 metres) has 170m2 of space making it feel like a much larger yacht.


This large interior has been put to good use on Bocelli’s ‘Libertas’. A fourth stateroom has been added which increases the accommodation to up to nine guests, in addition to two crew, and the spacious salon has a piano and sound-recording equipment, so Bocelli can make beautiful music while afloat.


So, with a high specification, high degree of customisation and a super-spacious interior – the ‘mini’ superyacht is born.

Gamma Yachts are designed and built in Holland by Dutch designers Vripack before being fitted out with world-class interior furnishings and materials from Italy. This Dutch-engineering-Italian-styling combo gives these semi-custom expedition yachts something of an edge.

With over 50 years in the business and more than 7,000 designs completed, Vripack knows a thing or two about building yachts. At the 2009 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show, Vripack introduced its brand new innovative ‘Smart Kit’ construction method.


Smart Kit uses computer numerical control (CNC) cut parts that slot together seamlessly, like a 20-metre-long Airfix model. This means the boats need fewer skilled craftsmen, are quicker to build and are also stronger and more rigid.

The first Gamma 20 was constructed and delivered in an astonishingly short time of eight months, and Bocelli’s highly customised Libertas took only ten months from inception to delivery.

Dutch specialists, Van Cappellan, provided the insulation and soundproofing onboard. Noise and vibration reduction were a must on this yacht due to the in-house recording studio, but of course it’s also rather nice to have a quiet night’s sleep.


The vessel’s customisations don’t end there though: “For instance, the lack of steps and obstructions: each deck is truly on one level, preventing the risk of tripping,” says Bart Bouwhuis of Vripack.


One-level decks were a key requirement for Bocelli, who has been blind since the age of 12 following a football accident.


Bocelli, who has previously owned several vessels in this size range, has gone on record to say that the newly-delivered Gamma 20 is by far his favourite, “I love the way space has been arranged so that our large extended family can be together, enjoying closeness and intimacy, while at the same time respecting everybody’s privacy.”


Other features specific to Libertas include a diving board at the very top of the yacht on the extended flybridge, a table and sofa placed forward of the wheelhouse right at the front of the boat to offer true immersion into the surroundings, especially while underway, and an unmissable electric-blue paint job.


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