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Big Boys Toys and Gadgets

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We’ve never made a secret of our love for superyacht toys and gadgets – the more ‘out there’ the better as far as we’re concerned – so we’re thrilled to give you the lowdown on some new-to-the-market inflatable gizmos via our friends at Superyacht Tenders & Toys.

Super Pool – this one is so new that the ink hasn’t even dried on the marketing material, in fact it’s only just appeared on the Superyacht Tenders & Toys website, but we’re sure it’s going to be a big hit. If your superyacht lacks an on-board swimming pool (heaven forbid), or has a bijou plunge pool affair for two, the Super Pool is the answer.


Safely netted (no sea critters, or larger watery creatures) the Pool can be set up off the beach, or tethered from the yacht, and has a lounging platform for catching the rays and nursing a cocktail or two.

Entirely inflatable, including the floors, it can be deflated and rolled-up for easy storage while the modular design allows for endless configurations of pool shape and size.

You could even deck the whole thing to create a party venue. Built in the UK, and with a removable bimini sunshade cover, the Super Pool is custom-designed (including boat name) to order.

Next, a series of inflatable docks and platforms, some for work and some for play.

Let’s start with work. Sadly a superyacht doesn’t clean and maintain itself and, while they’re often barely seen or heard, crew are constantly busy keeping surfaces clean, hulls polished and woodwork varnished. Often this means getting down to sea level, and using a hoist or a carefully piloted RIB to keep you in position. But there is a better way – an inflatable platform.


Superyacht Tenders & Toys stocks a variety of inflatable work platforms but each serves a similar purpose and is deployed and stored in a similar fashion. The AERÉ inflatable work float, for example, comes in a standard size of 6ft by 10ft overall with a non-slip 4ft by 8ft floor.

The outer ring and floor are inflated separately so the floor has a higher psi to the ring, while water ballast bags at each corner add stability. D-ring attachments allow the work float to be hooked up to lines (or tools) so it doesn’t float off into the sunset, crew included.  When the job’s done, deflate and pop it in a storage bag.


Sea-Raft is a similar business, catering only to the superyacht industry, and offers a custom-build range of extra-strong durable platforms. Made in Europe, and extremely light at just 1.95kg per square metre, they come with D-rings, anti-chafing strips (thank goodness) and a carry bag. Standard sizes are 2 metres by 3 metres (around 6.5ft by 10ft) and 2 metres by 4 metres (6.5ft by 13ft) but, just ask, and Sea-Raft will make any size you like. And, when the work’s done, the platforms are great for sunbathing – just make sure the owner’s off ship…



On to play, and jetski and Seabob docks. Superyacht Tenders & Toys stocks two kinds of dock, a big one for jetskis (5.4 metre by 3 metre) and a smaller one for Seabobs (2 metre by 1.5 metre). Never worry about the personal watercraft crashing into the hull and scratching the paintwork again, these inflatable docks provide a safe haven while your boat’s at anchor.


The larger dock hosts a pair of jetski, parked either stern- or bow-in, and has a strong non-slip surface as well as water ballast bags at the corners. Similarly, the smaller dock houses a pair of Seabobs with two two-inch straps to secure them in place. Packed down it’s less than half a metre square and weighs just 13kg. If you like the idea, but need a supersize version for a tender or sailing dinghy, no problem, your wish is Superyacht Tenders & Toys’ command.





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