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Cigarette Racing presents Smoking Marauder 50

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This year’s Miami International Boat Show saw Cigarette Racing and Mercedes-AMG team up once again to present the latest in a series of super-powered hyper-stylish crossover muscle machines – the Cigarette Racing 50 Marauder GT S concept boat.

The two companies have a history of combining forces and dropping supercar-inspired nautical bombshells with souped-up engines and sleek lines, and this year was no exception.

Florida-based Cigarette Racing has a long pedigree thanks to former owner and serial entrepreneur Don Aronow – ‘The King of Thunderboat Row’.

Aronow established a series of powerboat companies in adjacent buildings along a single road on North Miami’s 188 Street which was nicknamed ‘Thunderboat Row’ (we previously wrote about this here). While the area is now residential and Thunderboat Row is sadly history, Cigarette’s racing days are anything but. They continue to maintain their tried-and-true formula, namely razor-thin hulls paired with blisteringly powerful engines.

Meanwhile, several thousand miles away, Mercedes-AMG has an even longer history of souping up already high-performance cars. Often spotted on the back of overtaking Mercs, the letters A M G represent Mercedes-Benz’s high-performance division, who are responsible for turning stock Mercedes cars into the sleek fixtures you see parked on the quayside and throatily making their way about the marina and out into the wider tarmacced world.


Not coincidentally, the two companies put their heads together and Mercedes-AMG’s latest offering, the Mercedes AMG GT S that premiered at the 2014 Paris Motor Show, has inspired the Cigarette Racing 50 Marauder GT S concept boat.

The Marauder sports the same exclusive Solarbeam yellow paintjob that features on the supercar, and is similarly armed with some serious horsepower in the form of two brand new Mercury Racing 1550hp engines that, in theory at least, can move the boat at up to 120 knots – not that far off its road counterpart.

However unlike its land-lubberly inspiration, you can actually get more than a pair of golf bags in the back; in fact there’s room for three people behind the two front seats.

Your passengers might not be guaranteed a comfortable ride, but at least they won’t be bent double for the three hours or so that the fuel lasts.



The cockpit is studded with speakers feeding from the high-end sound system and is hand finished with black Alcantara highlights. Finally, the driver’s seat, in addition to the wheel and all-important throttles, features four high-resolution displays and Garmin or Cigarette’s own navigation systems.

The Marauder GT S will set you back a cool 1.2 million dollars and as it’s the only way to get that Solarbeam yellow and AMG emblazoned on the side of your runabout, it’s surely worth every cent.


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