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Kormaran – challenging the future of yacht design

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Driving, flying, gliding, breathtaking. These are the four ‘transformations’ outlined on Kormaran’s website to help describe a boat that is part monohull, part catamaran, part trimaran, part hydrofoil but full cool.

Envisioned in 2007 by an eponymous Austrian Company, with prototype one debuting in 2012 and prototype two (using F1 and aircraft technologies) enjoying its world premiere in 2014, this seven-metre carbon-fibre design masterpiece is quite possibly the most versatile vessel on the water.

Not only can it segue from catamaran to hydrofoil in one smooth swift hydraulically powered manoeuvre, it can also do it while it is underway. This surely is a first?



Kormaran knits several distinct types of craft into one, allowing boating enthusiasts to avoid splashing out a heap of money on two or three different models to satisfy their needs.

And the kinetic outrigger hulls hold the secret to Kormaran’s dynamism.

Held tight to the central hull, the outriggers give the boat a more traditional monohull appearance, albeit with stunning sleek lines and immaculate detailing.


Partially deployed using the hydraulic arms, the outriggers give the character of a catamaran with the central body kept above the water. Fully deployed, the body drops to the surface of the sea and Kormaran is now a trimaran. In its final incarnation, a set of fold out hydrofoils are deployed (in monohull mode) to once more push the central body right out the water.

As a hydrofoil there’s 80% less water resistance, drag is reduced, speeds are increased and fuel consumption drops nicely – kind for the wallet and the planet.



With a triple jet propulsion pack, Kormaran reaches top speeds of 70km/h and, at full chat, has a range of 200km. At her skinniest (‘driving’ mode AKA monohull) she is 1.5 metres wide, while in trimaran mode this stretches to 3.5 metres. A final ace in the Kormaran pack is that she flattens (with the help of fold-out teak panels bridging the gap between outriggers and central body) into a bathing platform at anchor. Sunbathing, fishing, diving, all possible in comfort.

Material-wise, Kormaran edges to the high end of the spectrum with a carbon fibre structure, stainless steel and titanium hydraulic arms, a trimmed leather interior and sleek teak decks with black joints.

Thus far, pricing details are sketchy, but it’s alleged that a cool ten million euros has been invested into Kormaran’s development so far (courtesy of main investor Daniell Porsche, of the famous Porsche family) so one imagines she’ll be far from cheap. Superyacht owners will therefore be an obvious target market – and the vessel certainly won’t look out of place in terms of luxury styling.



Kormaran will be launching at a number of locations across the globe in 2015, including new superyacht marina Porto Montenegro. Porto Montenegro’s business development manager, Billy Canellas, said, “It’s an honour to be working with such an innovative brand as Kormaran, especially as host venue for the launch of this new and exciting boat concept.

This transformational boat will challenge the future of yacht design and we are looking forward to welcoming the prototype in the marina. What better location than the beautiful Bay of Kotor to trial the boat’s multiple configurations?”

Kormaran will be available for test drives in Porto Montenegro throughout the summer while also featuring at the big season events including the Superyacht Owners’ Summit (3 – 4 June) and Superyacht Rendezvous Montenegro (2 – 5 July).


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