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Convertible Mega Tender turns heads

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In this ‘biggest is best’ era it’s easy to overlook the humble tender. But this is now an area that’s receiving some well-deserved attention with new-build megayachts now including mega-tenders, which are stunning in their own right. Australian yacht builder Vikal’s latest creation is a fitting complement to even the most opulent superyacht.


Vikal International is one of the World’s most well-regarded superyacht tender specialists and has a long history of high quality and eye-catching design. Its founder is the impressively named Gunnar Vikingur, a shipwright by trade who worked as a contractor on new builds, refits and repairs in Western Australia’s shipyards before starting his own business in 1976. It didn’t take long for his company Vikal International Pty Ltd to land its first major contract building tenders for superyachts.

Since then, the Company has worked on a variety of projects including megayacht superstructures and whole superyachts of up to 51 metres – not exactly small fry – while also maintaining a steady business of component manufacturing for Western Australia’s high-speed ferry builders, some of which you’re likely to have encountered plying the Med’s ferry routes.

Since the 1990s, Vikal has devoted its efforts to tender construction, with an impressive portfolio to show for it.


Browsing the Company’s range is an eye-opening insight into the demanding world of custom tender construction. Among their previous projects are a trio of 62-footers commissioned for a single megayacht, which must surely stretch the definition of a tender. Perhaps most surprising are not one, but two ‘runabouts’, each capable of transporting a two-tonne vehicle to and from the shore. Meanwhile the less outlandish tenders in the range are also definitely worth a look, with a whole series of covered ‘limousine’ as well as more conventional open roof tenders available.

Originally conceived as one of the Company’s Open Sports tenders, the convertible Tender 41 has been customised to suit the requirements of one of the Vikal’s clients. The roof on the Tender 41 has to be seen to be believed (go see and believe here)


Its inspiration is clear. Like a convertible sports car, the top folds back while the rear deck opens up to receive it and tucks it away beneath. In this case, the top is made of three interlocking segments that stack neatly when stowed away. The motion is silky-smooth and the result is completely seamless.

In addition to being an impressive and elegant bit of engineering, the fact that it was requested after construction on the tender began is a testament to Vikal’s skill. The tender looks equally good with the top up or down and, at 11.25 metres long with a 3 metre beam, it’s roomy enough to seat six passengers along with two crew without feeling cramped. A pair of Volvo D6 engines provide 400hp each, giving the tender a literally eye-watering top speed of 52 knots.


While the motherships may continue to get the lion’s share of the attention, this is one tender that is sure to turn heads whenever it pulls up to shore.

Full specs and photos are available on Vikal’s website

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