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Green and Safe Alternative to Jetski

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Having lived 400 metres from the beach fulltime for the past six years, I can tell you with some authority that jetskis are only fun for the person(s) sat on top of them. Swimmers are terrified of them, sunbathers hate the noise, and the environment isn’t too keen on the amount of fuel they burn and churn. Thank goodness, therefore, for the arrival of JetPad.


Devised and made in Poland, JetPad is a guilt-free, environmentally friendly, easy-to-operate, safe, fun, marine ‘go-kart’. With a battery-powered electric propulsion system, it has zero noise (‘hurrah’ say the sunbathers) and zero emissions (‘hurrah’ says the environment) but is far from boring and able to perform wave jumps, tight turns and even spins – just like a go-kart.

Of particular interest to locations where jetskis are completely or partially banned, the JetPad is safe for adults and children over 140cm in height (about your average 12-year-old) to operate and is more compact in size than most watercraft at 2.44 metres long, 0.9 metres high and one metre across (tender garage friendly in other words). It weighs 120kg.


The JetPad has range of 24km, a top speed of 20 knots (that’s around 37kph) and does 0 to 30kph in three seconds flat – all rather quietly and elegantly. The only minor bugbear is, as it’s electric, it needs charging, and thus takes one hour to give one hour on the water.

It feels like you should have one spare, or indeed hire one from a JetPad rental centre (the Polish manufacturer is making mobile rental centres to sell on) where there will always be one fully loaded and ready to go.

Eco consciousness aside, the JetPad has some impressive technical features. First up, geo fencing, which means you can set up ‘barriers’ and you will be alerted if your rider zooms out of that boundary – the machine will also slow down until they get back on course.

Secondly, radio-frequency identification (RFID) is in place, whereby a personal ID is assigned to each rider. Key in the ID on a pad and it will bring up the settings associated to that individual. A user-level management system allows these settings to be managed and adjusted remotely – keeping guests, family and friends safe at all times.

Finally, an anti-collision system is an option, sounds like a good option to us.


James Econs, Managing Director for Marine Toys & Tenders, who is promoting JetPad to the superyacht industry in particular, says, “The JetPad will make the perfect addition to any luxury yacht or resort and the child-friendly aspect will appeal to many.

Also, the fact that it’s battery powered and eco-friendly means that it can be welcomed in places likes the British Virgin Islands where noise restrictions are in place.”

Suited to superyachts, waterfront homes, or beach resorts, the JetPad starts from 14,500 euros + VAT + shipping.

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