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Sunrise Yachts serve up a Castronomic delight

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If you are a world adventurer seeking a rugged megayacht for circumnavigation, then you’re in luck.

Award-winning Tony Castro Yacht Design has recently teamed up with Sunrise Yachts to produce a new 68m worldwide explorer concept dubbed “the Range Rover of the seas” that even the most discerning billionaires would be happy to be seen on.

6_4The new yacht concept is based on an established platform from Turkey-based Sunrise Yachts. She is a sturdy utilitarian vessel, built to withstand any weather conditions but without compromising the kind of luxury you’d expect from a 68m superyacht.

This luxury yacht has a few leisure options to prevent you from getting bored while you’re globetrotting, no matter what floats your boat (pun intended, of course). There’s a cinema, beach club, a gym with sauna and even a scuba diving pool.

And once you’re finished doing what you’re doing, why not pop down to the wine cellar to choose a tipple to go with dinner?

Accommodation consists of a master cabin and VIP suite and four double guest cabins, which together comfortably accommodate a total of 12 guests, all in complete luxury. In addition ‘below stairs’ there are nine crew cabins, which allow a full complement of 15 crew.

So there’s plenty of room for a sommelier to go with that wine cellar.

The exterior of the yacht has the classic lines of a millionaire’s plaything with the chunky bevelled edges you’d expect from a contemporary design. The square stern lends it a certain military look that actually works rather well – a sort of lavish helicopter carrier if you will. And of course a helicopter carrier needs a helicopter, but what self-respecting yacht owner would leave their heli out in the sun? This 68m comes with a climate-controlled garage to avoid such woes.

There are also a few other vehicle storage options including space for twin limo tenders, a car, a submarine, jetskis, paddleboards and a variety of inflatable water toys.


Tony Castro, or to give him his full name, Antonio Maria de Lancastre de Mello e Castro, Conde das Antas, Visconde de Pernes, was born in Lisbon, Portugal and is the man behind this latest in a decades-long history of successful yacht designs.

In the 1970’s Castro received a BSc in naval architecture from Strathclyde University as well as an MSc from Glasgow University in Aero/Hydrodynamics. Since graduation he has worked on the design and engineering of 180 yachts, collaborating with some of the top shipyards in the world in all materials, from classic timber frames to advanced composites. At last count there were over 7,500 Castro-designed yachts afloat today, varying from the popular Laser SB3 at one end of the scale, to the 65m 280 tonne square-rigged ship Tenacious at the other.

6_2Sunrise Yachts was founded in Istanbul in 2005 by Herbert P. Baum, a German yachtsman, and Guillaume Roché, a Scottish-French yacht builder. Roché is a mechanical engineering graduate of The University of Massachusetts in Boston he later studied naval architecture at the Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology in Connecticut.

The Company has gone from strength to strength building a number of yachts in the last three years, up to 63m LOA, in their hi-tech facilities in Antalya, Turkey. They are eager to proceed with the new concept design, which will allow them to build something quite unique.

So with Tony Castro’s Naval Architectural experience and the Sunrise Yacht’s facilities the 68m just needs a world adventurer’s investment to get this stunning explorer launched.


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