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Iconic carmaker turns to powerboat design

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Aston Martin, king of the roads, is now aspiring to rule the waves. The luxury car manufacturer is teaming up with two Dutch companies, Mulder Design and Quintessence Yachts, to create the first powerboat to bear the Aston Martin wings, the 11-metre AM37.

Representatives from all three companies were on hand at the closing keynote session of this year’s Superyacht Design Week to discuss the project, including Marek Reichman, Chief Creative Officer and Design Director of Aston Martin, Bas Mulder, Naval Architect and owner of Mulder Design, and CEO of Quintessence Yachts, Mariella Mengozzi.

While Aston Martin needs no introduction, this is its first foray into boat design, as Katia Bassi, Managing Director of Aston Martin Brands discusses, “Over the course of our 102-year history, Aston Martin has produced some of the most iconic luxury sports cars of all time… Our contemporary designs retain classic lines whilst delivering the latest technical innovations: the exciting range of luxury speedboats we are developing with Quintessence Yachts reflects this commitment to excellence in every field, as well as perfectly encapsulating our ‘Art of Living’ philosophy.”


It is Netherlands-based Quintessence Yachts who will be undertaking the build using hi-tech composites and cutting-edge construction techniques.

The boat will be offered in two versions, the AM37 ‘classic grand turismo’ model with a top speed of 44 knots, and the AM37 S with a beefier 52-knot top speed. Both models will boast the high-performance handling, sculpted wood interior and hand-stitched leather that you would expect of an Aston Martin, along with touchscreen navigation and multimedia controls, voice- and remote-controlled functions and, the coup de grace, a spectacular sliding deck that covers the cockpit when empty.

Superyacht designers Mulder Design complete the AM37 triumvirate.

Founded in 1979 by Frank Mulder – and in recent years joined by his sons Bas and Mike. The Company, based in Amstelveen on the outskirts of Amsterdam, initially worked on commercial vessels but quickly became renowned for producing record-setting high-speed superyachts.

Three Mulder-designed yachts set world speed records one after the other; Octopussy set the first in 1988 with a top speed of 53.17 knots, which was only surpassed in 1992 by Moonraker with 66.7 knots, then again in 2004 by The World is Not Enough at 67 knots, a record that still stands to this day.



You may have detected a slight James Bond-esque vibe to the names of these boats, and we think it’s probably safe to assume that Mulder is a fan of the franchise.

So anyone with more than a passing acquaintance with the films will know that this would appear to be a marriage made in heaven. Bond, of course, is himself an enthusiastic driver of Aston Martins. Since the DB5 made its first appearance in Goldfinger, the brand has appeared in 11 further Bond films over a period of 50 years.

Hard details of the AM37 aren’t yet available as there is not even a prototype, but we are assured they will be coming after the official launch at the Monaco Yacht Show in September.

And, while nobody’s mentioned it, I’ll eat my hat if we don’t spot 007 at the helm of a seagoing Aston Martin on a cinema screen very soon.


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