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Is it a plane? – is it a yacht? It´s both

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The latest superyacht concept design from the amazing brain of Vasily Klyukin is a yacht with a difference.

The Monaco 2050 sports a top deck that is totally removable, which in itself is a rather remarkable idea, but how does one remove it? In this case, the top deck is a VTOL – a Vertical TakeOff and Landing aircraft – that takes off upwards with propellers before engaging its main jets at 1,000 metres.

This eccentric businessman-turned-architect has quite the conversation starter on his hands.

Russian-born Monaco resident Vasily Klyukin is a designer of skyscrapers, extravagant villas, and megayachts.

A successful businessman, Klyukin founded one of Russia’s top 100 banks, which has given him the freedom to pursue his interests of adventuring, charity and architecture. His designs, therefore, are refreshingly unconstrained by practicality.

Previous superyacht designs (which we’ve covered in detail here) include a 63 metre swan-shaped concept complete with folding neck, a 78 metre design inspired by


Mississippi paddle steamers, and a relatively traditional 80 metre with a superstructure that looks like the Manhattan skyline, Empire State Building included.

Klyukin makes no bones about his unusual designs, “If I built a yacht for myself, it wouldn’t be the same as the other ones.

Of course, all the boats are different, but in reality most of them are similar.

Even if you would build the largest yacht in the world, there is always the sea lover who is richer than you and he would beat your record to have the biggest one.

But he would be a champion only for a certain period of time a couple of years more and the garland will float away on the new boat, bigger than the previous ones. I’m not captivated with such a competition.

I do not want to compete at all. I just want a special yacht: one of a kind, I do not want its beauty to float away from me when somebody will build its copy, but 10 metres longer.”


During the Cannes Film Festival AmFar charity gala in 2013, Klyukin reportedly paid €1.2 million to travel to outer space to fly alongside Leonardo Di Caprio on one of the first Virgin Galactic flights, which may have inspired the futuristic twist of the Monaco 2050. Perhaps Monaco ‘2150’ will have a detachable spaceship.

The VTOL, far from being a gimmick, would actually be more useful to the yacht than a helicopter. According to Klyukin, “(It’s not possible) to cross the Atlantic or to fly to Hong Kong by helicopter. Therefore, after gaining the necessary altitude and speed, it’s possible to turn on the jet engines and even go overseas.”


Let’s face it, the Monaco 2050 isn’t going to be launched anytime soon – the 2050 in the name is a clue as to the timescale – but the technology is actually not that far-fetched. This bold dream is sure to inspire many other designers in the years to come.




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