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Trujillo’s Thunderbolt and Lightning

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Thunderbolt_0002_35-40foot lightning catamaran 2

Lightning Catamaran 1

Andrew Trujillo Design has just announced its latest creation: Lightning 40.  This superyacht chase catamaran follows hot on the heels of Trujillo’s retro-styled 11-metre Supermarine 36 Thunderbolt which was announced earlier this year.  Both boats are collaborations between Andrew Trujillo, Adam Younger, Rod Ross-Smith and their eponymous design studios.

The hull of Lightning 40 is based on a racing hull crafted by Adam Younger Design in the Isle of Wight.  The hull was created for superyacht use and is both fast and stable.  Meanwhile Andrew Trujillo has designed the new superstructure.

Named after the WW2 US fighter which had twin engines and twin booms, the super speedy Lightning 40 is Lightning by name and lightning by nature as the 40 foot catamaran is capable of speeds exceeding 60 knots (almost 70mph).

She has been designed as a chase (support) boat to a mothership and has large deck spaces and a comfortable cockpit surrounded by a single piece of curved tinted glass to protect her passengers from the elements.

Thunderbolt_0003_35-40foot lightning catamaran 1

Lightning Catamaran 2

Although conceived with superyachts firmly in mind, this 40 footer has plenty of space belowdecks and has made the most of the catamaran hulls with a double cabin in each.  Meanwhile the cockpit boasts a semi-open galley to port with the option of a BBQ and top-loading fridge.  This is a tender that is way too good for ferrying guests back and forth from shore and would make an amazing main vessel for anyone with a love of speed and contemporary design.

The designer disclosed, “Adam started this project for a Middle Eastern client who was looking to do a race series and got it to the stage of making the plug.  The design intent is a little different from the previous project, as she will be less retro and more contemporary.  She is also more spacious than Thunderbolt thanks to her catamaran platform.”

Trujillo says, ”I have long admired the fast runabouts that mainly emerged in the US after the First World War, built to be raced, with a few examples made for pleasure.  Many of these craft were built out of Mahogany and a number of them used decommissioned Aero Engines.  The wooden runabout boat then became more popular after WW2 with well known examples from the US being made by Chris Craft and in Italy by Riva.”

The old style luxury shines through in Thunderbolt, with graceful retro lines and a “Riva-esque” high gloss deck available in teak, Esthec or Kebonite.  Small details, such as the engine intakes and vents, will be made of flush polished stainless steel parts.  The cockpit has ample seating and storage, two stowable tables, BBQ, fridge and even a small freezer.

Thunderbolt_0000_35' Thunderbolt 2

Thunderbolt 1

Thunderbolt has been designed for speed and efficiency, but she is a spacious boat with enough room to entertain and capacity in her cabin for two adults to sleep comfortably with V-berths easily converted into a luxurious double bed.  Only the best materials will be used with high quality leather and suede used below and Sunbrella above.

Adam Younger also designed the Thunderbolt hull.  It has already been built and tested and is also capable, depending on the choice of the engine, of speeds in excess of 70 mph.  The Lightning hull is currently under construction at the Ross Smith Marine yard.

Thunderbolt_0001_35' Thunderbolt 1

Thunderbolt 2

With their exquisite styling, luxury build and extreme speed, the Supermarine 36 Thunderbolt and Lightning 40 should quickly take the superyacht world by storm.



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