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Fast Fuel Efficient Glider is a Game Changer

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Fast_0000_1 - Glider Yachts SS18 July 2015

The SS18 from Glider Yachts may look like ‘just another concept yacht’ but the prototype of this futuristic-looking catamaran has already been debuted on the world stage at Monaco.

Glider Yachts Managing Director, Robert McCall, came up with the new vessel design that would ‘glide’ over the waves in 2007 whilst captaining a commercial passenger ferry in the Caribbean.  He worked on the design in his spare time for the next couple of years before realising the project had great commercial potential and, in 2009, Glider Yachts was born.

With the help of F1 and aerospace designers (we all need those in our lives) McCall’s original vessel design became the amazing futuristic Glider SS18.

In order to finance the SS18, and subsequent Glider Yachts, the Company has signed a £100 million deal with marine engineers Burgess Marine, which will mean that the production models of the SS18 will be built in Burgess facilities in the UK.

Fast_0002_000. Corbeau Seats in SS18

Robert McCall comments, “Seven years in the making, our SS18 opens up unprecedented cruising opportunities making a range of destinations within easy reach – a trip from Dubai to Abu Dhabi could be done in just over 40 minutes and Monaco to Saint Tropez can be reached in under 50 minutes.  Every Glider is a masterpiece created without compromise for our elite clientele.  Our passion for individuality and world leading engineering, design and quality sets us apart.”

These yachts are truly the best of the best – handcrafted from start to finish, the SS18 offers a spacious cabin with leather sports seating for the pilot and four passengers – the price tag is also rather less luxurious than you may imagine.

The SS18 is 18 metres by 5.3 metres and has an exceedingly shallow draught of only 30 centimetres which means it’s able to visit bays and beaches that are out of reach of traditional yachts.  It can also get there very quickly.  The wave piercing design combined with the Company’s proprietary stabilising system, plus four 260bhp Rotax 4TEC engines, allow the SS18 to reach a heady 56 knots (103kph!) even in the roughest seas.  This is already pretty impressive but there are plans afoot for a turbo sister ship which will add two turbines into the mix for a total bhp of 3,420 which will give a toupee-raising speed of 96 knots (177 kph).  We don’t think we’ve even done that on a German autobahn.

Fast_0001_0. Glider Yachts SS18 aerial view

The 18 metre Gliders are just the beginning, Glider Yachts has ambitious plans for a 24- metre superyacht limousine which will seat 12 comfortably.  Then they plan to move onto building actual superyachts.  Their Grand Touring range of superyachts will vary in size from 30 to 80 metres and will all feature their revolutionary wave piercing Glider hulls and highly advanced SCS (Stability Control System).

The price of the SS18 starts at £600,000 and there is a lead time of seven months.  If you place your order now you can be cruising the Med at the beginning of next year’s season, and travel from Saint Tropez to Monaco in under an hour without spilling a drop of champagne en route.

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