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Marvel ’s superhero inspires superyacht design

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Benetti’s Vivace 125’ Fast Displacement class is now a reality thanks to the recent launch of the first of the range, Iron Man, a sleek and ultramodern luxury yacht worthy of Tony Stark himself.  Featuring hi-tech composites and impeccable interior design, this is guaranteed to impress even the most demanding of millionaire playboys.

With a history of more than 140 years and a fleet that mostly consists of 100-plus-foot vessels, Benetti is no stranger to the superyacht business.  Established in 1873 in Viareggio, Italy, the shipyard built some of the 20th century’s most iconic luxury yachts including 86-metre Nabila which was featured in the Bond movie Never Say Never Again.  When Benetti was acquired by Azimut in 1985, it was with the intention of turning the shipyard into a company ready for the 21st century.


That focus is alive and well in the Vivace 125 range, and it shows in Iron Man.  Carbon and epoxy resins allow the superstructure to be up to 40% lighter than using traditional techniques, and the wave-piercing displacement-to-planing hull combines the advantages of both hull types at high and low speeds alike.

As the name suggests, the Vivace 125 is 125 feet long, or just over 38 metres.  The range sports three decks plus the sun deck, with a wide beam of 8.3 metres making for plenty of room inside.  Iron Man’s new owner has taken advantage of this and installed a full-beam fully-equipped gym to use while cruising, which still leaves plenty of room for lounging in the sun and entertaining.


The exterior is covered with choice spots for enjoying the sun and sea; the stern upper deck boasts a custom divan almost five metres wide, the beach area enjoys its own bar and the sun deck comes equipped with an enlarged lounging area and swimming pool.  Every exterior space is finished in an eye-catching gray and white gel coating.

The interior is designed along the same modern lines, with furnishings developed by interior designer Alfred Karram Jr.  The steely grey wood of his furniture and the crystal dining room table match the monochrome floors and ceilings and contrasts with highlights such as the salon’s brilliant crimson relief painting for a dramatic, sleek and modern look.


According to Karram, “the goal of the design concept for the Ironman project was to create a one of a kind space that would boast a highly innovative modern aesthetic through the use of sharp and dramatic geometries via the use of very unique and state of the art materials and finishes”

The interior layout features the full-beam owner’s stateroom complete with dressing room and his-and-hers bathrooms on the main deck, with the salon and dining room behind and guest accommodation below, with a crew of seven to tend to and provide for every necessity.


8_2Aft of the master cabin, the main deck is connected via a sweeping glass staircase to the wheelhouse and gym above and the guest suites below, and the salon and dining rooms are separated by a large sliding crystal door.  The main deck features large glass walls for uninhibited viewing and natural light.

Finally, a word on performance.  The Vivace’s special propulsion system and lightweight superstructure, along with Benetti’s displacement-to-planing hull design, give the 125 a top speed of 22 knots while retaining the smooth and quiet ride that earned the design the RINA Comfort Class classification it proudly bears.

If, like Iron Man’s namesake, you wouldn’t be seen dead in anything other than the latest in hi-tech luxury, look no further, the Vivace 125 will not disappoint.


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